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  • Back Home! by Kendall Barton.
  • Say hello and whisky IV ! by Daniel Prizont,
  • I'm On The Pursuit Of Happiness. by Kendall Barton.
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    Nathan Milner says:

    "Okay, I have had flightlessXbird added for awhile.
    I vist her stream ALOT! When I'm looking through my daily contacts photos I have some flickr members names I like to keep an eye out for, Hers is clearly one.
    Her photos are always beautiful.
    Always stunning too look at.
    Powerfull and full of emoction.
    She has this amazing talent where she can use any sort of light to her use (something I wish I could do).
    As of yet I have not actually spoken personally with this girl, but I look forward to and look forward to seeing much more to her breath taking work


    November 7th, 2009

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    leahwithaspoon says:

    "okay, so just to let all you flickrites out there know: i. love. this. girl.

    all of her pictures that i've seen so far are amazing, and i really really don't know why she only has one testimonial besides this one :\ that's odd. however! that means i'm the second testimonial in what's sure to be a long line that makes up a page times 5983746598374019283421938.3. yes, point 3. mwahahahaha.

    if you haven't seen her stream yet, pleeeeaaasee go look, because she's really really awesome!!!!"

    August 14th, 2009

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    Manhattan Girl says:

    "So many things I could say about Ashley. I am twice her age and in complete awe of her talent. The things she can do with a photograph is amazing. Her work is real and honest and captivating.

    I have yet to see a picture of hers I don't just love.
    I know she is going to go far in life and if she chooses to pursue photography as a serious creative outlet, there is no doubt in my mind she will soar and will be very well known. Famous even.

    Her work speaks for itself, check it out. It's breath-taking and heart felt and I am inspired by her."

    August 10th, 2009

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