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I am now leading classes, tours and workshops both in the Seattle area and abroad. Learn more about my workshops and tours.

Purchase prints and make licensing requests on my web site: www.maxwaugh.com. Please note that I support my lifestyle and photography partially through my images. This means that yes, I charge a licensing fee for commercial usage (sorry, Discovery Channel :P). Please contact me via my web site so we can work together on a quote for you.

Yellowstone visitors: be sure to visit the Stop the Car Trading Post in Silver Gate (outside the NE entrance) where you can buy select prints of my photos at reduced prices.


I'm a photographer and designer based in Seattle. Most of my personal photography involves nature and travel.

I don't really get philosophical about my work, but I will say that I look at Flickr and my own web site as a window to the world. This is not a portfolio per se, so that means that I'll occasionally post stuff that may be considered mediocre-at-best (or crap). I enjoy giving people a view of what's out there, and am fortunate that my collection has been able to sustain a daily Flickr post until now. So occasionally you'll get a look at a different species or locale that you may never see or visit in your life, but even if the photo isn't spectacular, I'm happy to have at least provided a glimpse of that part of the world for you. :)

You can also now follow Max Waugh Photography on Facebook and Instagram and stay up-to-date on the latest photo events, trip reports from Yellowstone and coupon codes for my store.

My images are available for sale as prints or for business licensing purposes via my web site: www.maxwaugh.com.

Please contact me via my web site. I prefer direct email to having to log on and use Flickr Mail. At this time, I am accepting assignments.


Folks sometimes post their favorite shots here on their profile page. I thought I'd share some of the most exciting moments I've had photographing wildlife in recent years. Naturally, these shots are some of my favorites as much for the memories they bring as any technical or artistic "quality" they possess.

Slough Alpha
Slough Alpha
Perhaps my favorite photo I've ever taken. It was my first real close wolf encounter in Yellowstone, and occurred while 200 other people were looking the opposite direction. A brief, private moment that will stay with me forever.

Wild Mountain Lion
Wild Mountain Lion
Probably the least likely photo opportunity that has actually paid off for me. Unlike photographing cats in Africa, where one can tromp all over an open plain in search of photo ops, finding a wild mountain lion to photograph this close is nearly impossible. Usually inhabiting tough, rocky and heavily forested terrain, photo ops don't come around too often. In this case, I set aside two days to sit in a tree stand in Utah, in hopes that this cat would show up to drink at a spring. I figured two days wasn't nearly enough time and my hopes were slim, but near the end of the first day, I was rewarded.

The Jakkalsdraai Female: Little Hunter
Little Hunter
During my 2010 trip to South Africa we stopped at Mala Mala Game Reserve for a few days. Leopards were our main goal, and we were incredibly lucky to arrive soon after the guides had discovered a new cub. Of course, there was no guarantee that we'd actually see the cub, especially if the mother wasn't around. At sunrise on the first morning drive we arrived to find mother and cub resting and playing out in the sunlight. There was a lot of grass to obscure our view at times, but every so often the little tyke was cooperative enough to venture into the open. It was estimated at five weeks old, so young that it was still sporting blue eyes. What a rare and memorable encounter!


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