I love to photograph nature. It is difficult to tell you why, specifically. I have been obsessed with weather since I was a little dude. I would sit and stare through the window every single time a storm was coming. Seeing those dark clouds rise up from the horizon, darker and darker, threatening with impending doom. Or chasing snow devils outside, jumping straight into the center of one, just to feel the raw magical essence of nature. Similarly I would feel endless calm and piece of mind in a fresh late spring grass, bathing in the sun. Or jump around in autumn leaves, later relaxing lying on our backs with my friends and staring into the endless deep and dark September night sky filled with stars. Or feel the strange smell of thaw and see the grass reappear beyond the snow while the fresh late winter gloom revolves around me. Nowadays I still am utterly childish and maybe landscape photography is a consequence of that wonder and lust for adventure and exploration. After all it does force me to do strange things like wake up at 4 AM or spend the night in the cold chasing northern lights.

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Ramunas K Fishermang
July 2012
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