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I am a fisheries biologist in Whitehorse, Canada. I specialize in fish photography (including underwater). I also spend much time working on scientific illustrations of char and trout.

I did my MSc in Zoology (Ichthyology) at University of Guelph. This was followed by a PhD (Fisheries) at University of Georgia (UGA) in the United States. My fish interests include osteology, taxonomy and general life history. I know every bone in the head of a Cisco and how they differ between species. I may be the only North American (Russians know some of this) with this strange interest so if I drown tomorrow, good luck sorting it out. Most of my work projects over the last decade involved Coregonid (Whitefish, Cisco, Inconnu) spawning habitat and migration timing. I now work only on Pacific Salmon in the transboundary rivers of northwest British Columbia (based out of Fisheries and Oceans Canada office in Whitehorse). I am also fascinated with paleo-ichthyology (fossil fishes).

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You asked so here it is:
I get many, MANY email questions about equipment. So here is my advice. Do not get a fisheye lens for underwater photography unless you can get close enough to touch and/or kiss the fish. If you can't do that, then just get a wide angle lens. A few viewers were observant enough to comment that I must be touching the fish with my dome port when I take some of these shots. They're right, I am.

Also, equipment needs to be good but not more. "Good" costs around $4000 and "great" would be $10 000. Both do the exact same thing. Look at me, I got away with using a free D90 I won in a photo contest and recently upgraded to a used D7100.

As indicated per upload, all my images are protected by copyright laws of Canada and the United States, and by international copyright laws. The use of any of my photos or illustrations for commercial use will be pursued by legal action.

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    perpetual walk says:

    "As well as being a gifted illustrator, Paul's photos are uniquely beautiful and original, like nothing else I've seen on flickr. He also manages to attract some of the most intelligent and interesting comments which speaks to his talent and the respect people have for it. It's such a pleasure to spend time swimming around his stream with the rest of his fish."

    December 7th, 2012

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    czdistagon.com says:

    "Fantastic photostream! I recommend to everyone, and especially those who love fishing and beautiful nature of the north!"

    July 20th, 2011

Paul Vecsei
July 2010
Whitehorse, Canada
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