I started to take pictures from a very young age as my uncle taught me with the 35mm film and I have used and been seeing what I've been trying to get as my best.. Since then I've been taking pictures for pictures sake.

As Part of my College Course when I was Studying Construction and the Built Environment for things like surveys and Building's, I was taking picture's all the time.

I then Graduated and Gained higher experience in space and surrounding's on my BA Architecture Degree Course where yes drawing and pictures where still needed for site plans and work.

Once Graduating from University I then proceeded to work at the BBC in January till September, plus 1 week work experience learning all about the tv and film industry, software and making a TV programme of our own. (BBC Copyright)

I've continued my Photography Experience which I have gained myself throughout the years onward now with the higher experience through my Architecture Degree and BBC Course, I'am now working as a Freelance Photographer for my own company.

My New Website has now Launched , please do check it out : www.firstfilmproductions.co.uk

email: firstfilmproductions79@yahoo.co.uk to contact me. details.

message me or call me . . .

or visit www.firstfilmproductions.co.uk

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Philip Hough
March 2016
I am:
Male and Single
Freelance Photographer