as of June 2015 ** BREAKING NEWS **

RIGHT NOW May-June-July 2015 SOLO SHOW in CARMEL, CA at:
Center for Photographic Art

I WISH I COULD UPLOAD THE SHOW CATALOG HERE (I don't know if it is possible - a PDF file.)

My new book is available for viewing all pages without buying!
If you hit the little square icon lower right you can see everything fullscreen mode. [Also, there is an e-book version for ipad, etc]:

Earlier this year I won "the special prize" (2nd Prize, the only U.S. photographer included in the entire show) from THE ALL-JAPAN ASS'N OF PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETIES (AJAPS) international competition. My photograph "Silver Surrender" of an angel's trumpet will tour Japan for the entire year.

December 6: 2 Honorable Mention Awards in--
2012 Fine Art Competition organized by THE WORLDWIDE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARDS

Nov 27: P L E A S E take this link and also make a comment at the end of the show, if you liked it - it is all about the True Buddha Nature of trees:

Nov. 26, 2012: I have been named "ASSOCIATE OF THE ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY" and I can put "ARPS" after my name on my card. It's a rigorous application process. This is the second rung in the distinction ladder (skipped the first.)

Sept 2012: MICHAEL KENNA juried two of my pieces into a Holga show in a commercial gallery in Texas.

Here is my brand new book, LUMEN. There are 34 viewable color prints all developed outdoors:

My brand new website just for plants:

Recently I published THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS. Here's the link . The first 36 pages are black and white and the second half is technicolor. All pages are available to preview so that people don't get teased into buying something expensive.

Al Capp, on postmodern art:
[they are] the "product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered." [I agree!]

Here is an amusing, delightful little interview I heartily recommend:

"Art is not an intellectual process. It has to be a love affair."

Minor White, paraphrased, said photograph "for what it is and for what else it is." I'm always looking to create photographs that communicate "something-elseness."

"The challenge is to find something to do that deeply resonates with who you are in a way that points to the mystery of being alive."

“What use is having a great depth of field,
if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?”
– W. Eugene Smith

And Brett Weston:
"Photography is a visual medium and the less said, the better."

A flickerite posted this:

Please visit my website

I want to thank ANDREAS KAHLER for making a beautiful compilation of some old Flickr images:

I fell madly in love with photography the first night I went to a black and white darkroom class, and I like to push the edges of tonality and composition, and explore how photography is unique, unlike any other art medium, most recently the element of MOTION, frozen or prolonged in time. Complex equivalences in composition, emotional content, and drama are top concerns for me.

I don't do "layers", textures, or any Photoshop beyond the simple darkroom-style tools. However, because of orthopedic concerns, I'm carrying a micro 4/3 camera a lot lately. At least I can make digital negs for contact printing when needed. I was just given a very slightly used Ricoh that will couple with a pile of old Leica German glass I happen to have from Ebay.

Flickr staff says this statement must appear here: "please be advised: My set called "The Human Form" is for over 18 only."

(Feel free to leave comments in English or German.)

Email: berlinsubway ->

NOTE: all images © DIANE KAYE 1980-2012

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    alive cup says:

    "Diane has a special relationship to the magic of light and a unique ability to reveal the unseen. Her photographs seem to radiate imagination! She also has a remarkable range of technical knowledge. I'm inspired by Diane's work both in the sense of being moved by it and in the sense of expanding the possibilities of my own work (for example, it's because of seeing her lumen prints that lumen printing is on my "must try" list). And Diane's comments are not only wonderfully supportive, but also reflect thoughtful engagement with the individual photograph. I appreciate Diane's presence on Flickr, and I always look forward to seeing her new work."

    December 17th, 2011

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    Stepale says:

    "I love b + w photos and I love the b + w photos of B&WPhotog (the color pics as well!). Not only are they beautiful, but this wonderful photographer and I see things in a similar way--and that's a good thing-because hers are better than mine! (He says immodestly!)"

    November 22nd, 2009

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    unbiased seat says:

    "Diane's photography shows how loved this woman is by her friends and people that are part of her life. Most of her portraits show how her viewfinder look doesn't stop to the skin of the subject, it goes beyond, deep inside what we could call the human soul. Her fine art works are examples of grace, understanding of aesthetic values and masterpieces of darkroom technique. Diane doesn't just photograph the world around her, it's the world that reveals to her. She is for me a model and gives me the strength to keep pursuing photography as a "way of life". Thank you Diane."

    June 2nd, 2009

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