FightDUICharges DUI DefenseLaw is a top rated national lawyer group specializing in DUI and DWI Drunk Driving Defense, Ignition Interlock defense, and saving a drivers license from getting suspended at the DMV hearing. Our DUI lawyers offers a rare team of expert multi-lingual ignition interlock device attorneys teamed up with former prosecutors and police officers.


Our multi-lingual attorney specialists provide DUI help to drivers of all backgrounds.


Our experienced lawyers have had great success in the DUI/DWI courts with a strong record of acquittals, reducing DUI and DWI charges, and cases getting dismissed. Our DUI experts focus their defenses on these prime areas:


Criminal DUI and DWI Defense

Avoiding a drivers license suspension

Ignition Interlock Exemptions

Felony DUI Defense

Keeping a criminal record clear


DUI Defense Practice Areas:

What Happens For a First DUI Offense

Ignition Interlock Device Cost

Win At the DMV License Suspension Hearing

How to Get a DUI Reduced To Reckless Driving

How To Save Your License After a DUI Arrest Charge

Affordable DUI Lawyer Payment Plans

How to Get Out of a Second DUI Offense Within 10 Years

DUI Lawyer Cost To Expect

How to Get Out of a DUI Charge


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