I shoot photos for the same reason I cook and program computers.


I believe that humanity's high calling and deep purpose is the neverending struggle against the varied forces of entropy. Tempered by the wisdom of allowing natural forms of order to co-exist and simultaneously be captured in time, we live to create in our environment a reflection of our own inner sense of order. Every meal prepared, every elegant algorithm, and every imperfect echo frozen by sheer force of will is one more piece of the pattern coalesced from the ethereal storm and notched on the spear of humanity's collective soul.


Take a handful, grab hold of the writhing chaos, keep your grip in the face of adversity, and shape it into something that can't help but be beautiful until it hurts.


We will eventually be forgotten, and remembered only for what we added or took away.


I prefer to add.




If you would like to use one of my photographs for something, please feel free to ask. If it's is a commercial production, please send me your usage rate or a compelling argument for why I should do it for free.






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