Welcome to my awkward, slapdash collection of cats, coffee, and food.

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    angel23 says:

    "Jessica is most definitely not a plant, and I am fairly certain she is not a mineral, either."

    February 22nd, 2008

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    kkr ! says:

    "beautiful photos / new friend / rockstar hair."

    February 6th, 2008

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    visivo says:


    December 9th, 2007

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    Deleting my flickr, bye everyone!! says:

    "Jessica is an organic creature, primarily carbon based. She hunts rolly polly old men and traps them in her camera for all to see. She also has a Vietnamese name, it's real funky and ethnic. I can't remember it. Jessica sits next to me at work and types really fast. Most of the time she tells me what to do and I do it. She has opinions, wool socks, and pigs. Her photographs are the cats pajamas. For reals. So there."

    March 14th, 2007

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    DerrickT says:

    "I will be forever chained to Malavagma magma's folio. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear the clankity-clanks. Futhermore, I have always enjoyed visiting here and whoever is reading this should dig deep into the vaults. She always gives us a sense of her world *clankity-clank* and what a world it is! I would suggest all to crawl through this folio! You *clankity-clank* see what has happened to me!

    Always an enjoyable visit."

    November 14th, 2005

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    termie says:

    "She may actually compete with me in camwhoredom and she's the best concert friend ever. Ever. I mean that."

    May 12th, 2005

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