I love adventures - especially in the mountains & the ocean
I love to surf. I love feeling and interacting with the energy of the ocean and enjoy the living in sync with natural rhythms of the earth (tides, wind, swell, seasons...).
I love to snowboard.
I love to skate - bowls/transition/flow only- my knees love me for not street skating.
I love my friends - they give me strength, they listen to me babble on about silly things, they make me laugh, they rock.
I think eating healthy organic food feeds your soul and community as well as your body.
I don't stretch and do yoga as much as I know that I should.
I work in ocean conservation because despite her enormous power, the ocean is extremely vulnerable to our impacts.
I love to travel and gain new insight and perspective from other cultures. I have a particular soft spot for Latin American countries with Nicaragua holding a special place in my heart
I believe that life is what we make it.

The places I've been:

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

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    lovemlexx says:

    "Jodi Wan Kinobi,
    Is a straight out genius...in every sense of the word. Creatively, environmentally, linguistically, physically and oh ya she has a big heart too! There's an Aussie expression that sums my feelings for her perfectly I've got a lot of time for Hodi. So of course your friends listen to you babble about silly things because we never know when one of your pearls are going to drop.

    October 12th, 2008

Jodi Stark
May 2006
I am:
feeltheflow [at] gmail.com