Hi there, I'm Carrie Anne.


I have a blog called Little Big. I started Little Big to share my love thrifting, cooking, crafting and photography.


I used to be a librarian, but now I spend my days chasing after my punk pixie of a 3-year-old and going on adventures. I look forward evenings spent in nerdy pursuits with my husband.


I inherited a strong love of the absurd and ridiculous from my father. My husband describes my swearing as “nautical.” I am deeply irreverent.


I have four cats, one of which I bottle-fed from her first day of life, and another who is a lovable 30lb lumpus. One steals our neighbor's Barbies and loves nothing more than a good murder. The last one is a total spaz.


Little Big is my daily journal about living a creative, thrifty life. I love to share practical applications of my thrifted discoveries, the simple crafts we make, recipes that we make often, and the small stories that make our life sweet. I focus on living happily on a budget and the possibilities of living simply and well with less. I love sharing thrifty tips and simple projects that make life better.


Read more about Little Big here.

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i need to meet this girl and descend upon vintage/thrift stores with her. she has excellent taste, snuggly, personality-laden kitties, and a great sense of humor. oh, and she's part of my kung-fu dangerous woman crew. did i mention that she takes really great photos?

July 13, 2008

I can't imagine Flickr without her wicked sense of humor and excellent taste in all things. I'm so delighted that Design*Sponge magically led me to ex.libris' stream!

May 2, 2008
The Scott says:

After completing a successful tour as America's favorite avant garde tap-dancing virtuoso, Carrie Anne has retired to a quiet life as an artistic genius. She is now content with simply being awesome, taking pictures, building terrariums, crafting and running an organized crime ring in small town America.

April 10, 2008
Handy Earth (deleted)

I met Carrie here on Flickr, well actually it was her Bento's that lead me here. lol She's a wonderful person with a great sense of humor and a cute librarian too =) I am honored to be her friend.

February 26, 2008
FoodChiCa says:

A Napa winery leaded me to ex.libris photos and I discovered a wonderful world made of the cutest cats, the yummiest food and the best terrariums! She rocks!!

February 22, 2008