I'm photoing the discgolf scene, tours, and courses around me. i've travelled the state of Wisconsin and seen nearly all the (~150) courses, and many other road-trips around the country as fate occasionally took me. The inception was for making my mapping site, a google maps mashup for point and click driving directions to discgolf courses for WI and all the other states at Google Maps Disc Golf Courses, and I started carrying a camera about halfway through. I was lucky enough to take the am2 state title in 07 on the wi state and pin-high tours, and play in Tulsa am worlds, (looking forward to bringing am worlds home to Milwaukee next summer) and just enjoying the boom the sport is enjoying in general right now. I'm documenting what's useful now (course-guides for the ones I think are great) and what'll hopefully be good archival source for later. and of course whatever else i like ^_^

I also have some disc golf videos (see the 'more from this user' sidebar) hosted on google.

I started discgolfing in 97? at lone lake (now gone) in Minnetonka MN, for the first few years mostly at night with lightweight LED-lit oldschool frisbees--not real discgolf discs at all. i suppose it was MN's lack of available activities for people with cars, money, and freedom, but not yet 21--but sneaking 2-15 people in, playing a few rounds, and avoiding trouble made for good, cheap, and frequent entertainment. that largely behind me, i've found l like the sport in the day and with real discs too ^_-

I like tech shots, elevation, and trees. Shots that make you go "hmmmm" before throwing. I'd love to have big distance on a drive, but never have. I make it up by being damn good when in trouble. Favorite courses include Valley View in Milwaukee (for sentimental reasons: it's just like the one I started on, neighbors and teen punks feuding included!), the two courses in Mt. Morris, Wi, Veteran's Park in Dubuque IA, West Park, south of Chicago IL, Brickyard in Menomonee, WI, Winter Park in Kewaunee WI, the Sinks in Chattanooga, TN, Renaissance and Hornets Nest in Charlotte, NC, and many others.

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