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i guess in our attempt to categorize everything, i enjoy "street photography." i never really understood why it had a name to it, as to me "street photography" is an attempt to take pictures of the world as we see it.


alas, i am just rambling. i like to take pictures because there's many interesting things in the world. people are generally the most interesting. people in interesting places generally make even better photos.


i find many, many inspirational photographers on flickr. it's really special to see the world through someone else's eyes. you realize how similar we all are, yet unique in the way and manner of our perspective.


i think the best camera is the one you have in your hands. i find that having a rangefinder and a ricoh makes that very easy to do.


there's more pictures at everyday aperture. That's more of a daily post kind of thing. My portfolio can be found over this way at rufus mangrove.


i also like to doodle on napkins. You can see that here:


Peace and blessings to everyone. i am learning as i go. Hit me up if you want to go shooting with me.

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