Born among the briars & brambles in backwoods of Medford, Oregon, Evan Benjamin Harris grew up with little knowledge of the bourgeois big city fine arts. So, he dove into the recesses of his own imagination and embraced the fables and folklore that fascinated him. With little to do but draw, he did exactly that. Now older, things haven’t changed much. The stories he created as a child are still present in his paintings. With diligence and hard work, Evan’s crude stick figures became the more clearly defined images you see today. With no formal art training, he creates on his own terms.


Broken boards, oil and acrylic paints, charcoal pastels, plastic resign, and melted waxes are among the mediums Evan uses. Then they are beaten, brushed, sanded, polished, and hung.


Most would cringe at the idea of scratching or sanding something they spent hours upon hours painting, but that’s Evan’s favorite part- creating the appearance that this wasn’t made in the 21st century, maybe in the 20th. So, behind every scratch and claw mark, there is a story to tell.

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I love your work. It is so freaking awesome. It makes me want to buy a wooden ship and go out to the Canadian arctic. Of course, along the way I might get eaten by a whale or freeze to death and then I wouldn't be able to enjoy your awesome work, so, on second thought...xoxo

January 11, 2008

You work is truly magical. I love everything that you do. I wish you would have a show in Chicago, I would love to see your work in person.

November 12, 2007

absolutely in love with your work...

September 9, 2007