I don't drive, I don't have a telly. On the other hand, with my grandchildren, Internet, digital photo and public transport, I pretty much fill my free time anyway.

Whoo! retired since August 2011 (at an age of 64).

Now that it's on display I must confess that I'm VERY lazy about Flickr contacts - I seldom follow new people and rarely check out new pics from people I do follow :-(

If you are interested in my photos, please sign up for Flickr and contact me here. I tend to take it badly when people waste their time tracking me down in other channels.

Photos of Eva the Weaver (3)

  • Eva by Johan Gustavsson
  • Eva the Weaver and her trademark look. by Sina Farhat
  • Lady with hat by Rudi Pauwels

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    FreakyLeo says:

    "Eva seems to like her camera alot. And that is a nice thing because almost daily you get to se new pictures in her photostream. The pictures are simple and focuses on the small things around us all wich we merely mortal people don't notice. But Eva does notice these simple things and shows the rest of us the beauty that we should otherwise have missed."

    February 19th, 2008

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    doylesaylor says:

    "Eva thinks a lot with her camera. She likes being an intellectual which is what I would expect you would like too about her pictures. What I find important abut her work is a sense of her fascination with writing on the world, for example grafitti, but other sorts of writing. The meaning of landscape, in the sense of understanding what is there, not ponitificating. And her emphasis on numbers as well as writing.

    Eva uses numbers not just written forms, but numbers in making an image. So she thinks about some very neglected parts of making pictures. What is writing doing on the world? How do we use images to think about math thoughts? Counting, writing, thinking are her great strengths.

    Developing a vision of thinking behind shooting photographs requires someone who uses images to question conventions about visual appearances. Eva produces beautiful pictures, but don't let her sense of a well done picture take away from appreciating her on the deeper level she is demanding of you, her audience. It's a bit like how a beautiful woman hides their smartness because those who see her are dazzled by the beauty and can't see the depth in the radiant face.

    If that was all that would be enough. But Eva also wants to share, to talk, to understand you, and me. And that is what is best about her. A generous hearted thinker who is a good person to consider quietly and many times."

    August 17th, 2007

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    talishkavonzua says:

    "An intellectual you could say, she's half weaver half photographer."

    March 1st, 2007

Eva the Weaver
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