I take a lot of pictures.


I put a lot of pictures on flickr. I am also a professional photographer.


If you would like to use my photos, I will probably let you. I would appreciate being asked permission to use them as there are exceptions.


You can find me here:









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i'm totally indebted to your generous heart one day i will find the words for a proper testimonial till then, thank you and rock on

August 25, 2010
Eatable Pin (deleted)

I felt overwhelmed while browsing your gallery. There is such great movement and humanity in your photos. You are a wonderful witness of our present.

March 25, 2009
Familiar Smash (deleted)

Eva Blue like's candy and photography, two of my favorite things. That makes her A ok in my book. Plus Eva is an interesting person to talk with as well as the fact she is way sweet! This girl has spirit, I mean that. Jazmin

November 17, 2008