Hi, I'm Eurydice and I'm an introvert.

I noticed I hadn't updated this 'about me' thing since about 2007, so I guess I'm also lazy. But I never look at the "about me" section about me, because I know me, you dig?

In case you wondered, my name is pronounced "You Rid Ah See". I have been called "Yury Dice" on more than one occasion.

If you're really interested, the original (Greek) spelling is Ευρυδίκη. (thanks, Agy)


I live in Sydney, I miss London and I love Paris.


I'm in awe of my talented friends and contacts, and I thank everyone who has offered encouragement and advice, as well as those of you who have taken the time to look at my photos since '07. Much love to you all <3


NOTE If I have commented on or faved your photos at least once - or you mine - I'll be happy to add you as a contact. (I'll add anyone I know from SL or Flickr without conditions.)

I don't usually accept contact requests from complete strangers.


Other than that, I'm just delightful!



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second-hand sofa (deleted)

Eurydice is Gorgeous. Sweet as Sweet can be and most-important of all such a Great Friend with a Huge Heart of Pure Gold. I am so happy to know you. ♥

June 9, 2008
fumbling credit (deleted)

You are a wonderful person with a really awesome brain and an even better heart thing don't you eva change cept in a good way

November 21, 2007