I'm a geeky type living in the lovely city of Edinburgh - where most of my pictures are taken. I work as Social Media Officer so some of my pictures are taken at unconferences and various tech events. Many more are taken of cooking and craft experiments, my legendary annual Eurovision party and of beautiful or weird city views.


I use a wee reliable old Cannon PowerShot day to day and also upload from my phone from time to time. When I have time I also use a Cannon 450D Digital SLR though I'm still learning the best ways to make use of all of the settings and possibilities it gives me.


I don't tend to edit my photostream very much (although I'm getting much more picky with large images). If you see a blurry picture please politely move along... there are many very good ones to see... ;)


Hope you like my rather random pictures!


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  • JoinedApril 2007
  • OccupationSocial Media Officer for EDINA
  • HometownCardiff, UK
  • Current cityEdinburgh
  • CountryUK
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