[es-TEH-fah-nee / MO-lee-NAH]
b. 1991, New York

Estefany is a Colombian-American photographer who explores displacement in the human condition within the scope of relationships, culture, location, and self. Estefany creates windows. Her photographs are interior monologue and each glimpse rationalizes the discord perceived in the worlds she investigates.

Estefany grew up on the east end of Long Island in the village of Greenport, a woodsy seaport at the tip of wine country. As a first generation Colombian-American, she’s infused with an eclectic mix of both cultures which attributes to her intrinsic eye and dreamy taste to detail and color.

She just completed her BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts.

She is also the creative director for an emerging project called BAHYT.

Also, her previously Flickr address is here: flickr.com/heihanamolina


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Estefany Molina
December 2013
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