"Whether he is an artist or not, the photographer is a joyous sensualist, for the simple reason that the eye traffics in feelings, not in thoughts."

-Walker Evans

"Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter."

-Oscar Wilde

"I'm here to learn."


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  • Mister Eleven by bellabellinsky

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    °stefken says:

    "...hannover, hannover, hannover ... da is mehr los als ich dachte!"

    December 20th, 2007

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    Mastahkid says:

    "Ich sage nur ehrfürchtig: Meister! nein jetzt mal ehrlich. EstOal macht echt klasse Bilder die Dinge, Menschen oder Objekte zeigen von einem ganz neuen Blickwinkel! Also alles in allem ein feiner Kerl!"

    June 8th, 2007

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    Fabian Bromann says:

    "fantastic ... wonderful ... amazing ... hm, I can´t find the correct expression for est0al´s style !
    But I think it´s one the best I´ve ever seen ... and I´m really happy knowing him for many years :-)
    Big Up est0 and go on with your nice works !!!"

    May 22nd, 2007

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    tshk! says:

    "est0al has clearly a personal style, great photographer. If you want to know about his personal skills read the rest of the testimonials ;D"

    March 1st, 2007

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    jeps says:

    "est0al is a very good friend and a former room mate. he introduced me to flickr last year and actually since then his stream is the only one I observe very thrilled. I have great respect for his photographic vision and also for his way to arrange pictures together with either music or famous quotations. Not very seldom he is like a spin doctor for my work. Thanks. Keep up the good work!"

    February 14th, 2007

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    mdumlao98 says:

    "funny, stylish whimsical, handsome with a big heart! one of my flickr with friends with the most diverse range of *amazing* photographs. i am his biggest fan, according to him. :-D"

    September 4th, 2006

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    miketililing says:

    "He's got one of the most interesting photostreams in my contact list and I call him "my friend". He's also a member of a lot of Flickr groups I never knew existed."

    July 15th, 2006

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    Ms. Soccer_Roo says:

    "If you want to see photos of a unique perspective and awesome quality this is the place... est0al is a wonderful photographer and always offers a unique eye... I love the perspectives, textures, details that are stored within each of his photos...

    esty is very kind and fun to have conversations with on a photo... he always has a kind word to share when he leaves a comment, I have learned much from his photography and him..."

    May 12th, 2006

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    Jitter Buffer says:

    "est0al is my buddy. photography for life. well, life in photography is what you will find in estoal's photostream, too. but take care not to miss all the subtile details.."

    April 18th, 2006

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