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touring by A.D.Belmont
From A.D.Belmont

Esparta by Orgasmastron
From Orgasmastron

Reunión de lentudos by Orgasmastron
From Orgasmastron

Visita a El Lencero by Jesus Guzman-Moya
From Jesus Guzman-Moya

Mercado by Krynowek Eine
From Krynowek Eine

Chancla by Krynowek Eine
From Krynowek Eine

Esparta by vonKinder
From vonKinder

Preparando la toma by laap mx
From laap mx

Maracuyeros de corazón by El Félix
From El Félix

El fin de la grupal by Li.Srta.M
From Li.Srta.M

dia de los inocentes en Japon by Ekz .
From Ekz .

Grupal en la pista by Citotoxico
From Citotoxico

los flickeros by b3co
From b3co

...rockstars... by kriss y ya
From kriss y ya

DFlickr - Fotour Turibus by Luis Montemayor
From Luis Montemayor

Los malosos by Orgasmastron
From Orgasmastron

Arsenal Canon completo by Krynowek Deux
From Krynowek Deux

Jumping and  laughing II by A.D.Belmont
From A.D.Belmont

pasiando, en la pasita by Leon
From Leon...

¿cerveza fotogenica? by Leon
From Leon...

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