i take pictures of things i want to remember.


fungi, graffiti, music, clouds, animals, mountains, and water.



all photographs are licensed under creative commons: attribution-noncommercial-noderviatives. [CC: BY-NC-ND]


if you would like to use my photos for non-commercial purposes, please include attribution to me, vivian lynch, at this flickr account (viv lynch).


for commercial inquires and other questions, please message me privately via ej.skate@gmail.com or info@vivianlynch.com.


bands/artists/management: if you would like full-size, non-watermarked photos of you/your artists for non-commercial purposes, please contact me and i will gladly provide those for you, free under CC license.


note: i would change my url here if i could. it was a mistake made a long time ago.

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your profile is poetry. your pics make me stop, breathe, and re frame thoughts in my mind. I too adore Cuba. Fell in love there 10 years ago this summer. I'll upload some Cuba pics later in the month - been meaning to do so for more than 9 years!

August 8, 2008