All my photos are owned by me and protected by copyright law. Please do not use my photos without my permission. If you wish to use them for commercial purposes then please contact me.

If you wish to blog a photo of mine for non-commerical purposes then feel free but I would be grateful if you would link back to me here and credit me too and if you have the time if you could mail me a link, that would be great as I would like to read whatever you have done.

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At the moment I am being made a contact by a lot of different people. I like to look at the pictures of my contacts, review them, add comments and favourite the ones I like. This takes some time to do properly, this is why I haven't made you all into my contact straight away as I currently can't keep up. But please bear with me I will endeavour to look at all your photos and give them the time that they deserve when I get down the list of people. I am very grateful to you all for stopping by and leaving your kind comments. It really spurs me on so thanks.


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  • Happy Equinox Everyone! by i n i m i n i
  • luminous yellow for a smooth transition from summer to autumn by Cozy Memories

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    Julia Brooklyn says:

    "Richard is a wonderful talented land artist whose work is inspiring, creative and feeds the soul. I love looking at the sculptures he has created and reading his words of wisdom and more often than not humour!

    Richard has given me so much encouragement to create land art of my own, he has huge patience and dedication that are a credit to his work. Thank you Richard."

    February 7th, 2011

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    litrate says:

    "Escher is a wonderful land artist and photographer. Do look through his Flickr site. His book - "Land Art" by Richard Shilling - is excellent, so do buy a copy and support him by voting for the book!"

    August 10th, 2009

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    inakicalvo says:

    "He is certainly the best land artist you can find at Flickr. It amazes me how he builds his sculptures up using just natural elements. I find his art very complete, as it plays with volumes, lines, colours, textures, movement, etc. His creativity has no end! But that's not all, he can also take good pics of his work so we can admire it!"

    May 19th, 2009

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    Lara Leith says:

    "Escher creates the best land art i've seen on flickr so far! A true inspiration to us all..."

    February 21st, 2009

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    dharbu says:

    "As a long time Goldsworthy fan; I have to say that your work is at or above his wonderful level. Please keep on keeping on!!! Best regards, dharbu (Paul Schneider- Portland, TN)"

    February 19th, 2009

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    skittzitilby says:

    you make my day with your artwork and imaginative ideas------i have made pebble piles on and off for years when the moods take me,specially when the children were small and we were at the beach for the day.....playing with something that has a 'feel' all of its own.
    Stones,pebbles just lie about doing nothing and to see your creations just makes me smile as i come across them.

    anyone looking for different sorts of shots then welcome to the world of escher1...................come on in and check out his pictures.

    They will amaze you.

    skittzitilby....aka Mags"

    January 27th, 2009

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