I'm a professional C# programmer from Mechelen, Belgium, I was born in july 1967 in Antwerp. I studied mathematics and system analysis (IT).

As a second job I started my own business in october 2007 as an artist (mdf carvings, oilpainting, logos, etc) , just check out my
website to get an idea www.erroba.be

I bought my first digital camera just before my honeymoon, june 2007. I still have a lot of learning to do, but I think that's great : it's not the destination that counts, but the road to get there !

I am open to criticism if you're fair and honest, we all can learn from it after all.

If you like my photos or my other art work, I'm always open for business proposals.

My tools :

Hardware :

- My brain and a few other bodyparts
- Canon 60D
- Canon 400D
- SpeedLite 430EX II.
- Honl Speed Strap & Gel kit
- Cactus Wireless Flash V4 ( one trigger, two receivers )
- Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp
- Manfrotto Nano Stand 5001B
- Jinbei BS-50 Shoot through umbrella
- Canon 24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens
- Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC
- Sigma 10mm F2.8 EX DC Fisheye lens
- Canon 50mm F1.4 lens
- Canon 60mm F2.8 EF-S Macro lens
- Canon 28-80mm lens.
- Canon 75-300mm lens.
- Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod
- 486RC2 ballhead
- AMD 64bit Quad Core computer
- Wacom Intuos3 A5 Wide Tablet.
- Polarizer(s).
- ND106 filter ( 6 f/stops ).
- A bike.

Software :

- Photoshop CS3
- Photomatix Pro 3.0
- Autostitch
- e-fxg ( image manipulation software I wrote myself ).
- xfp 2.0 ( file renaming software I wrote myself ).

Our group ( Erroba & Artie | Photography ) :


Interview in English and Italian

Some of my images:

Bending the spoon  ( Reworked )

Counting sheep ( Reworked )

My last photo

Leuvensevaart Lock (2)

Windmill, Bodrum - Turkey

Hotel Kervansaray interior - Bodrum - Turkey

Under The Bridge II

Rollercoaster landscape

The Swan

St Rumbolds Cathedral Interior (Fisheye)

The famous cliffs of Etretat, Normandy - France


Close encounters II

Introducing e-fxg (2) : HyperSpiral

Photos of Erroba (11)

  • sector_los_ejecutivos_apto_duplex_90.000.000_b2bfincaraiz-2 by clumsy fang
  • brisaymar_alquiler_venta_yates_catamarán_lanchas_veleros_abril_26-2016-1 by clumsy fang
  • socorro_plan250_2aptos_b2bbroker_fincaraiz_85.000.000-2 by clumsy fang
  • casa_en_el_rodeo_45.000.000_b2b_broker_2_2016-25-04 by clumsy fang
  • brisaymar_alquiler_venta_yates_catamarán_lanchas_veleros_abril_25-2016-2. by clumsy fang
  • brisaymar_alquiler_venta_yates_catamarán_lanchas_veleros_abril_25-2016-3. by clumsy fang
  • Conj_res_el_refugio_b2b_broker_90.000.000 by clumsy fang
  • 18-abril-2016-b2b-broker-1 by clumsy fang
  • b2b-broker by clumsy fang
  • 15-abril-2016-b2b-broker-1 by clumsy fang
  • 14-abril-2016-b2b-broker-2 by clumsy fang
  • 14-abril-2016-b2b-broker-1 by clumsy fang

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Testimonials (18)

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    Dragos Dumitrascu says:

    "There are two versions in every story and when i decided to talk about Erroba's creations i had to do just that same thing. One version was related to my admiration for his amazing photos that both inspire and motivate me. The second version was related to my gratitude towards his tutorials and shared information that not only help me improve but also gave me new ideas and increased my potential. You're a real artist and your works talk for themselves .. I salute you and i'll try to learn as much as possible from you while admiring your creations! Regards.."

    October 21st, 2009

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    Peter Daems says:

    "I stumbled upon Erlend's profile by accident & was inspired by it !
    Make sure to pay a visit to it and you will be amazed!
    Thanks to his easy to understand tutorials I was able to take my first prudent steps into the wonderfull world of HDR!
    thank you!"

    October 23rd, 2009

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    Philipp | Photography says:

    "If you want to see a HDR then please have a look at Erroba's flickr stream... that sounds like some of the recommendations before but it's the truth! i really love his work. sometimes you can sit long time in front of it to get all the beautiful details.

    I really looking forward to your future uploads, please share as much as you can with us ;-)"

    March 5th, 2009

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    broken yard says:

    "If you are looking for excellent examples of HDR then look no further, Erroba had an incredible talent. the images found here are inspiring. Erroba seems to be an explorer who captures the journey and delivers it to us in an artistic form. In my opinion this stream is one of the best on Flickr"

    February 3rd, 2009

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    sophisticated measure says:

    "Erroba is a master of HDR!
    And his stream is pure art!

    February 12th, 2009

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    cunitmar says:

    "I want to express my appreciation for your work, I keep your photos with great interest, I like the end result you get with your edits always excellent.
    Greetings friend."

    January 19th, 2009

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    I am just Dawn Marie says:

    "Not only are Erlend's photo's unbeatable in quality, he allows his guests to view at a larger portion. Most of the photo's I have seen on flickr, that are near this quality, all have omitted the ability to view at any other size than what is shown. It looks fantastic small. I think anyone's photo does. But it is when you can get up close and see the work... that is where you can tell if someone totally did a PS fake-out or if they really know what they are doing.

    I completely appreciate that he shares his thoughts, vision, camera settings and parameters, etc. He is willing to say that he used PS for some dodge and burn or whatever. That is the highest quality. To be honest to share your work, share where you thought you went wrong, or what equipment sucked.

    Thank you Erlend for all your generosity. I know that it has begun to help me and in time with lots of practice... maybe a trip or two to Paris... (ya right!?) I might compare my best photos with your worst!

    Thank you!!! Dawn

    P.S. Your photo's are utterly stunning!!!"

    November 24th, 2008

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    raul_pc says:

    "Now I got the right words to come here express the gratitude to my teacher Erlend, who I dare to call a friend, who has been coaching me on this hard to learn HDR tecnique... thank you so much for taking me under your guidance!!! Such a great inspiration you are, with your solid knowledge, your prompt answer, your creativity, artistic vision, originality... the beauty we can see in your pictures, your distinctive style... your images jump up imediately as soon as they show up in my contacts: thats the mark of great creators!!...
    All the best to you!

    November 19th, 2008

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    bryanscott says:

    "Erroba's photostream is a source of inspiration and amazement. His great eye, combined with his incredible use of HDR and post-processing techniques, is completely mind-blowing."

    November 18th, 2008

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    kimdokhac says:

    "J'ai découvert Erroba à travers Explorer, en dehors de ses magnifiques photos, ce qui m'a surpris, c'est l'ensemble des informations sur la photo elle-même, pas seulement la technique, mais les circonstances de la photo, le prix de l'entrée si c'est un musée, le rapport avec les gardiens etc.. il y a donc un côté guide touristique, qui me plait bien..
    J'espère qu'il est francophone ( sinon je lui traduirai en anglais..)"

    October 31st, 2008

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    L Geoffroy says:

    "Erlend has been a patient teacher and has turned into a friend. When I have any questions he has always been there quickly with an answer and a pointer to help on my photos.

    What more can be said about his photos. Erlend's work is some of the best photography that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. It is consistantly good and I feel that one of these days Erlend is going to hit the big time. Good luck Erlend and many thanks for everything I have learned so much from you."

    October 18th, 2008

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    Suvrangshu says:

    "Erlend is one of those people in this world who believes in knowledge sharing.
    He has helped me transform my work from amature to professional quality.
    Not only he's a good teacher, but at the same time a very strict one....
    His straight forward attitude helps me a lot......
    He has been my Teacher/guide in HDR photography...

    Erlend, thank you for selecting me.......

    Wish you all the best ....


    Suvrangshu Ghosh"

    October 22nd, 2008

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    Xploiтєя ™ says:

    "Time now to write a testimonial for my teacher Erlend Robaye =)
    Well this men has amazing collection of all types of Photographs with his own perspective , and i am a big fan of him . I love his HDR work , and i say proudly that he is one of the best in HDR work on Flickr ....
    And i am lucky to be his Friend or Student Thanks a lot sir to Give me such a Powerful tips & Tircks of HDR , I done my best to prove the world that i am a Student of Erlend Robaye (Erroba) With my Work ............
    He always has something interesting and brilliant within his works.
    I go on his stream, and every time the same pleasure : nice angle, stunning color, great crop, breathless Photography... (all the usual flikr's language). A lot of his capture are masterpiece. Take the time, go on his stream. If you take a look at his photo stream you won't be disappointed at all, you'll really enjoy it! =)
    He is very much encouraging and he is truly an example for new comers how to prove their skills & talent. Keep up the good work Sir, We all love you and your amazing work =) Wish you all the best for every thing in urs life =)


    Regards : Atif (Xploiter ™)"

    October 7th, 2008

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    fantastical property says:

    "I'm proud to say I've taught Erlend everything he knows...now for some truth. Erlends art is at the very least exquisite and as far as I'm concerned some of the best I've seen (if not the best at times). You can really tell he pours his heart into his work and produces incredible results that I find both inspiring and mesmerizing. His artistry is always a pleasure to view and I often find myself going through his pieces simply because of its beauty and uniqueness - I highly recommend taking the time to view his entire photo stream. I'm so glad to have met Erlend on flickr, aside from his photos; he's genuinely an awesome guy with a fabulous personality and sense of humour whose friendliness is not only appreciated but treasured. I dig your mojo Erlend, werd up!"

    July 31st, 2008

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    QuimG says:

    "Aunque no nos conocemos personalmente y tenemos la barrera del idioma, quiero decirte que eres un extraordinario fotógrafo y que sigo con interés tus maravillosas fotos, llenas de texturas, coloridos y unas ediciones fantásticas. Un abrazo, amigo."

    July 11th, 2008

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    :: Artie | Photography :: Travel ~ Oct says:

    "I guess its about time I write my fav flickr buddy & my humble teacher Mr Erlend Robaye a lovely testimonial :) I am very fortunate to get to know this wonderful & generous kind soul nearly a month ago in flickr & I have to say we hit it off right from the start (at least that's how i feel LOL!) .. almost like we've been friends all along. Erlend is someone who cracks me up a lot with his out of the world humor :P and of coz let's not mention that his works are totally out of this planet as well! He is my master of HDRs and still the best to me in my eyes! ( hope by now you've already dropped a few touchin' tears haha!)

    Anyone can tell how passionate he is with art & photography from his well illustrated collections in his photostream.... such an unselfish personality that he actually takes his precious time to guide & coach me on the techniques of photoshop and many other stuffs. He gives constructive feedbacks and also tells me what i should do to correct that which is something i'm really grateful for!!

    Love your talent my humble teacher and your high level of artistic touch! You are a GIFTED young man (very much like me LOL!!) Thank you for being my friend & teacher here! Hope to catch up with you & your family one of these days in Brussel or Australia! Xina!"

    June 3rd, 2008

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    T A Y S E R says:

    very nice eyes and picture you have, I wish you the best and I want to see more from you
    Good luck


    April 3rd, 2008

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    Dredrk aka Mr Sky says:

    "Erroba is one of the best HDR photographers i have seen on flickr he has some of the best HDR photos on line ..keep up the good work my friend ."

    March 6th, 2008

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