I live in San Francisco.

I photograph across California and the west, but am partial to Alviso, CA, Death Valley, the White Mountains (home of the ancient bristlecone pines) and Yosemite. I also shoot a lot of different things in San Francisco.

I use a lot of different types of cameras but specialize in 4x5 zoneplate and pinhole imagery.

My cameras include:
Large Format
4x5 Wista
4x5 Shen-Hao
4x5 Zero Image 45

Medium Format
Zero 2000 Deluxe (2 1/4)
Hasselblad 500
Holga 120 FN
Holga N
PinHolga "Slide"
and a bunch of older vintage cameras that take 120 film

Canon 5D (digital)
Canon D30 (original canon digital)
Canon Rebel (film)
Minolta 375
Holga Mod for 35mm
Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim

Cell phone
Sony Ericsson K790a

I shoot a lot of film - mostly Polaroid. Type 52 (bw), 59 (color) and 79 (color) are what I use in the 4x5. Experimenting with the fuji45 instant film with the demise of Polaroid. Ilford PanF and Kodak Portra 160 CN for the medium format.

My photo portfolio (and photoblog archives are here):

I publish a lensless photography magazine quarterly:

I am a member of the Bay Area Photographers Collective and show my work regularly.

All my work is available for sale - some of it here.

If you don't live in San Francisco check out my portfolio site and drop me an email at erin at erinmalone dot com.

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Erin Malone
July 2004
usa - army brat
san francisco, usa
I am:
Female and Single
user experience designer
erin malone photography