Due to some malicious use of the image archive, we have discontinued the public use of this flickr page

It saddens both of us to announce the public closing of this archive. Unfortnately, In the past week we have discovered the abuse of this archive for personal profit.

This flickr page has been built on the foundation of "fair use"—an incredibly complex topic in the American legal system, but something anyone interested in this area of study must try to comprehend (For an overview, read en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_use).

In the past week, we have found one particular flickr user who is trying to personally profit by reproducing Nitsche's work and selling it on eBay. While its likely they have purchased copies of the work and reproduced them without using images directly from this page, we have strong reason to believe these reproductions are at least in part due to this Flickr archive. There have been reproductions in the past, but this is the first instance we can tell where the Flickr page has been partially responsible. This goes against everything this page was meant to represent. We do not condone this activity—and in an effort to curb such behavior, we have taken away public access to the archive. Unfortunately this solution is imperfect, and we are currently working on ways to better the archive to make it available to the public once again.

It is deeply discouraging that one user can ruin what has been an amazing experience for us over the past 8 years. Collecting Nitsche's work has been an inspiring and educational experience for us, and we will continue to find other opportunities to make his work known to the design community. We sincerely apologize for the many users who have enjoyed and used this page in a responsible manner—we hope to be announcing a new solution shortly. We hope you understand why we have chosen to remove the public access to the site.

Thank you for your support and interest over the years—if you have any questions, please contact us by using the contact link above.


This is a collection of photography of the design work of Erik Nitsche maintained by BustBright over the past eight years or so. We are not related to Nitsche in any way, but maintain this archive as both a personal inventory as well as a service to the design community and Nitsche's legacy.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@bustbright.com

For a detailed biography about Erik NItsche, we highly recommend Steve Heller's The Reluctant Modernist

BustBright is the after-hours studio of Los Angeles designers Katie Varrati and Derrick Schultz. In addition to documenting Erik Nitsche’s work they their spend nights and weekends (and the occasional weekday) designing for friends, family, clients, and themselves.

For more design artifacts, check out BustBright's Flickr

Photos of Erik Nitsche (2)

  • General Dynamics Meets the Mouse by Unkee E.
  • Modern Man In Search of A Soul by Unkee E.

Erik Nitsche's favorite photos from other Flickr members (5)

  • Typographic R21 by halvorbodin
  • Photo by readysetinternet
  • General Dynamics Meets the Mouse by Unkee E.
  • Éditions Rencontre Lausanne by Rejean Pellerin
  • Quilt10 by Lida Rose

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January 2007