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Born naturist in 1961- snapshooting naturalist in 2012. Not that much of an advance in 50 years. I admit it.
I am and has always been a party-photographer.
I try to be a little artistic as well sometimes, without succes so far. One of the professional artists in town say, that if I really work hard on it, I might understand art some shiney day.

Live in Noerrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark. Work on a powerstation as engineer (maskinmester).

The internet has given me so much, so I shoot a lot of images with the purpose of giving something back. Apart from that I shoot live music and various events. I am a dedicated available light photographer and avoid the use of flash as much as possible.

I used to convert raw files and edit in Bibble, then afterwards make som more editing in Paintshop Pro. Now I´ve shifted to Lightroom (D800 not supported in Bibble) and the only steps I still do in Paintshop Pro is straightening, perspective correctioning, cropping and sometimes some unsharp masking.
When I look back at all the noisy images I´ve made, I realize I should have shifted long time before.

Until april 2008 I didn´t own a digital SLR, but then I bought a D80 and used that for 4-5 years.
In spring 2012 I upgraded to D800 + 35mm/1.4, 24-70mm/2.8 and 70-200/2.8. So - from now I have no more excuses for producing poor images.
I also have a discrete Canon S90 and a olympus TG-1 underwater camera. The TG-1 is great !
Back in the 1980' s I always carried a Olympus OM2n on my shoulder. From those days I've got a lot of negatives and slides. From time to time I spend an evening scanning the past.
When scanning negatives I use a Nikon Coolscan V ED. When I started to use that one I realized again - a lot of time had been waisted scanning film on a flatbed.

Knowledge sharing and constructive criticism:
Last year I started a photo group - "Old men with new cameras". We meet from time to time, eat some dinner, discuss photography and drink some beers. I recommend for everyone to do something similar. It´s in the talks you get some of the "glued tiles moved".

Most of my photos are available in full size - on request.
Requests are sent to my Gmail.com address. Put erikdaugaard before the @.
For absolutely non-commercial purposes - it`s for free.
For semi commercial purposes - it`s inexpensive.
For business purposes - it`s business.

If the experience I've had over the years, can be of help to anyone, the pleasure will be all mine. Feel free to ask me questions about everything.

Copenhagen beauties on their old bikes:
One of my favourite bike-ladies

Boats in the Sound:

People sleeping:
Schiphol subway

On my job:

Beach hotel

Bandits of Copenhagen:
Little pigs

Damage control

....and other animals:
Cuban Boa

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Erik Daugaard
June 2005
København, Copenhagen, Denmark
I am:
Male and Taken
Marine engineer
erikdaugaard [at] gmail.com