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About Me

I am 22 year old female, currently living in the US, but originally from Japan.

I shoot with a Nikon D200 and currently only have 3 lenses: 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens & 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 AF. I recently got a second camera, a point-and-shoot, the Canon A640.

I've had a strong interest for photography since I was 15, but haven't had the priviledge of owning a SLR until March 2006, when I bought my D200.

I have also had an interest for photomanipulations since that time and have been working on Photoshop 7.0 and recently on Photoshop CS5.

I am an experiemental photographer, so a lot of my photos may not be following the "rules".

About My Photos

You may not alter, transform, build upon my work, or use my work for commercial purposes. You can only SHARE (not USE as your own) my work ONLY if you give me full credit (which involves displaying all of the following by the picture: my full name, Erika Snyder, a link to my website (My deviantART website, or my Flickr website), have my written permission, and if the photo is not being used for any commercial purposes what so ever. This includes use for stock, reference, website wallpapers, photomanipulations, or reproduction of any kind.

Non of the work in my gallery is stock, Don't even consider it.

All artwork in my gallery are original and finished pieces.

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Buying Prints

You can purchase high quality prints of my photography here If there is a specific photo you like and would like as a print but I do not have it listed, please let me know.

You can also purchase merchandise of mine.

Thank you.

Photos of Erika Snyder Photography (3)

  • Old man in Old Lahore Pakistan by hellosheraz
  • IMG_0250 by m.r.akbarian
  • IMG_0168_tonemapped by m.r.akbarian
  • IMG_0194_tonemapped by m.r.akbarian
  • The paddler and the storm by Francesco Magoga Photography
  • Kurdistan Art Kurdish painting; نقاشی by Kurdistan Photo كوردستان
  • Kurdistan  Paintings of Kurdish Life by Kurdistan Photo كوردستان
  • Kurdistan Kurdish Art and Culture  Painting by Kurdistan Photo كوردستان
  • submerged by roleATL

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    Σταύρος says:

    "Erika's work/pictures is very creative,interesting,cute and sexy !
    Her work keeps getting better with time and practice, i
    especially like the portraits of herself.
    Erick your a beautiful young lady with a bright future in
    photography and it's my pleasure to be your flickr friend...;)"

    August 5th, 2011

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    lorenzodom says:

    "Erika, is a phenomenal experimental photographer who inspires us by pushing her portraits to the edge, by breaking the rules and making new ones, by showing us the way toward intensely meaningful photography.

    Thanks for sharing your vision.


    Author of 25 Lessons I’ve Learned about Photography,
    the #1 Photo Essay and Artist Biography on for 2010!


    November 5th, 2010

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    functional book says:

    "I'm amazed with the sexy and beautiful work of Erika, she's full of talent and creativity, her work is intense and evoking, she's achieving masterpieces from selfportraits and portraitures that are true photography art, I feel attracted to her work and enjoy looking her photostream. I would like to have her skills for portraiture and postprocessing , she's a model to follow and learn!"

    May 1st, 2008

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    burhanwar says:

    "I don't know you, but you like a magnet to me..."

    April 26th, 2008

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    Elt_on says:

    "wonderfull, only it!!!
    Maravilhoso, é só isso..."

    March 18th, 2008

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    Sick16 says:

    "gracias por aceptarme como conacto espero no perderle la pista thank´s atte, SicK!!!!!!"

    February 17th, 2008

  • view profile

    functional adjustment says:

    "sexiest girl alive? most probably. no guy is worthy of her godly beauty."

    November 27th, 2007

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    reminiscent rail says:

    "You have a very good photostream, showing skills and imagination. I'll watch your future photos with interest."

    November 14th, 2007

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    laughable car says:

    "awesome photostream :)
    just luv it"

    October 31st, 2007

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    instinctive sky says:

    "She is wonderful photographer, and takes beautiful self-portraits. No matter what angle, lighting, expression, every picture is beautiful."

    August 14th, 2007

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    Mik's says:

    "Defenitly .. the most beautiful and talent girl I've ever seen. I am faschinated and admirated for her talent, beauty and ability in the shots.
    The art of Erika could be a model to follow for me.
    I really love all her shots and her true beauty.
    Thanks thanks and thanks for your perfect shot. You are my model of perfection.



    August 9th, 2007

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    leander bander says:

    "she is very beautiful...and has a fine sense for self-portraits :)"

    June 11th, 2007

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    melodic account says:

    "Erika Snyder's beauty is magical , turns you into pure desire"

    June 4th, 2007

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    Katrijn Michiels ⎢ says:

    "Erika Snyder is a creative and talented photographer here on Flickr"

    May 28th, 2007

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    quiet dogs says:

    "she is a angel of beauty."

    May 11th, 2007

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    Diana Pinto says:

    "I just committed myself to looking at Erika's entire photostream...and I have not been disappointed! Her self portraits are turbulent, moody, and intense yet often classy and lovely as well. Her candid shots are playful and are a joy to look at! I also admire her Photoshop skills, and there is no doubt that she can convey any feeling she wants. Her personality really shines through her work. Please keep it up! I'm watching."

    February 1st, 2007

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    MarcoIE says:

    "Taken out tha fact that she's a pretty lady, she has an awesome collection of beautiful pictures. She has good taste and pretty serious skills!!"

    December 20th, 2006

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    possible fly says:

    "After old and saw many of your photographs erika I could only say really fantastic and you really beautyful and this not my nonsense really be attracted by all available your body part that the Lord gave really wonderful
    the eyes ...the nose.....the lips.....
    all of them like that touched my heart"

    September 17th, 2006

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    PilgermannBM says:

    "I find Erika one of the most imaginative artists on the site. She has the creativity to shatter my illusions about what photography can be and I'm constantly amazed by her imagination leaping up from the screen demanding I digest every detail. I am in awe of her work."

    August 25th, 2006

May 2006
Iwakuni, Japan
I am:
Erika Snyder Photography .