I'm Erika Moen, a queer cartoonist living in Portland, OR.

I was born June 25, 1983, graduated from Pitzer College with a degree in Illustrated Storytelling in 2006, and married my British sweetie, Matthew Nolan in 2008. Somewhere around that time I became a full-time member of Periscope Studio, the continent's largest (as far as we know) studio of professional comic book artists and writers. Art and comics is how I support myself. I love it.

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-DAR! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary

Me in Periscope (from The Oregonian)
Photo by Beth Nakamura for The Oregonian

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    Hunk o Hobo says:

    "Erika moen, is... well, amazing.

    This woman is so full of potential its poring out of her ears. She has a keen eye, a natural tallent at art, and a frightfully thruthfull sence of comedy.

    Check her comics, buy her stuff, and then love her non stop."

    September 22nd, 2006

Erika Moen
March 2006
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
Erika Moen's Totally Online Portfolio