G'day if you've gone to the trouble of being this curious about me .. Thanks!!

So I've been on Flickr for Six years now .. dang but that just flew bye .. life has thrown me a few curve balls since then but it's a journey not a destination isn't it ?!

Who am I ? lol I ask myself that on a daily basis .. but seriously I've worked in R&D for Wollongong University for 28 years in areas ranging from robotics and automation to mentoring our world championship winning Formula SAE team and everything in between. I've had a few issues with my back and legs for the last ten years .. still do, so if occasionally I'm not posting .. I will be back ;-)

I'm an avid reader but terrible writer .. photography gives the the chance to share that moment or convey a feeling that I'd waste a few thousand words doing a terrible job trying to describe.

Wherever I go my camera's there - much the annoyance/amusement of my family and friends, but hey you know 'that' feeling if you do miss a shot!

I enjoy tinkering around with graphic design when I get the time, vector art is something I'm passionate about.

Blues and Green's are my basic colour set - thou I do love a good sunset/rise.

Tend to be a bit of a loner when it comes to 'doing' when I focus on something time becomes pretty elusive

I'm on Instagram as Steev Selby

Founding member of "DNA" the National Dislexics Association.

A lot of my shots are of small detail viewed in large context almost like were's Wally - ergo they're always worth a view on the large size =]

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    Wouter Van de Voorde says:

    "I don't really know Steev all that well, but I think he's awesome! He makes insanely good wide angle shots. He's a long-exposure expert. Sparks fly out of his HDR's... I really admire his skill and crafmanship & It's truly a pleasure following his photostream! respect big man & thanks for sharing"

    January 5th, 2010

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    downgongway says:

    "Steev is one of the best wide angle shooters you will come across...and a real master of long exposure . He is ultra resourceful and always thinking of ways to overcome limitations that stop the rest of us in our tracks.

    I raise my eyebrows every time he reaches into his camera bag to see what comes out, and how hes 'tweaked' his gear."

    July 25th, 2009

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    Yorrick from Oz says:

    "This bloke is photographicly autistic....one glance a photo and he has the technique mastered. Seems there's no end to what he can achieve behind the lens not to mention lathe...god only know what he will come up with next but you can be sure it will make you go mmmmmmm thats great."

    April 5th, 2008

Steev Selby
November 2006
Wollongong, Australia
I am:
Male and Taken
Senior Technical Officer