So how does one measure one's story up to some of the interesting, well thought out and dare I say elaborate profile descriptions that has been written out there. It is a vast ocean of interesting and talented people. To me myself, I seem but small and talent less, not really fitting in the shuttle of all.
Now how do I describe myself to the readers, do I take an elaborate and flamboyant path? Or the short and sweet? Or either the well thought out route? Or should I use the extraordinary points of them all?
It is really difficult to sit and put a watch to it, as time to us is so precious. Well then I think I should just put finger to keyboard and get the description on with. I love literature and the art of painting pictures with words, the science in the use of a mechanical object to project one's memories figuratively on to a piece of paper and always captivated me and thus begun my love for the camera, and the art of illustration with a simple but yet complex computer program. To see how each as a person can project a part of them self onto an image for the world to see is just wonderful, where a picture is really worth a thousand words, is not just a saying but words of one's inner soul.
As I am created, evolved, reincarnated or whichever you choose to believe, I can be very blunt, seem emotionless or as a cold marbled person, but thus I am so, I am a very guarded person to myself and takes a lot of me to trust, to let my secrets out very easy. I'm a quiet person; usually keep to myself, trying to avoid others. I am very well-mannered but can be just a rude. I will respect your rules if one would do so in return.
I usually help others when no one is around to see as I do not like basking in the fame of things as I believe to try and stay humble at all times even though it is very difficult.
Well thus far it is all I can think about for now, but will touch it up as time swings by.
Greetings To all, and merry days.

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    Nicky Highlander Photography says:

    "When Johann first added me on Flickr, I thought that this was another person adding to keep up with my photostream. Thankfully I was wrong. Not only did I gain a contact who is a great photographer but a real friend.

    I really enjoy seeing his amazing work evolve as well as having his honest detailed feedback. His collection of photos is so diverse and interesting. And best of all, he is the type of person to quietly help out others without looking for gain for himself. That is a fact! :) Looking forward to seeing his next work!"

    January 16th, 2013

Johann Coetzer
July 2010
Durban, South-Africa
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