As I would put it straight!!!

I am neither a photographer nor even trying/aspiring to be one. I just take pictures out of mere boredom and to make myself engaged in another activity apart from my work. In short it can be termed as a hobby which has lately developed into a very strong interest. Nevertheless to add that it has been pretty fading off too.

I always had a strong interest in taking photos and my journey started way back, I always remember volunteering to take photographs and be out of the frame. I played with many different tiny tot cameras, mostly the cybershots which belong to several people. After moving back to Maldives from India, I bought a new small digital camera PENTAX and it was then when I signed up to flickr. Prior to this, during my work in office, I did use the office camera to capture a lot of shots and also used the handycam for photography.

Anyhow I bought a new Nikon D60 (second hand ofcoz) Camera on 31st August 2008 and with excitements of being careless from my younger brother - I lost my camera,filters,lens and you name it all (the whole backpack) in the streets of Bangalore, India on 26th December 2008. Oh I did feel bad because I was able to take a lot of street photography of the incredible India but yet not backup them.

On 15th July 2009, I accompanied a flickr friend of mine, who was also visiting India Mr. firas to a camera showroom in Trivandrum, Kerala India (where I basically grew up). Since I know the place well, I just accompanied him so that he won’t be cheated and also to check on a Nikon D90. Where as he went there to check the price of a Canon 500D and after reviews and knowing the product more in details from the friendly salesman in BABAS Studio, somehow I took that canon 500D and its pack with me home and now I am proud owner of Canon 500D, a kit lens, 50mm lens and a 55-250mm lens.

If you see my first posts and last post, you can see how I have improved and flickr has played a good role in that I must say.

Well here comes the copyrights part - Please contact me via my e-mail address ( and please don't use my photographs for commercial purpose or any other purpose. Although I am not a professional photographer, I would still appreciate the works I do be credited, so please ask me before using any of the photographs. My photographs have been already been used in publications and for awareness creation but just giving me the credits, therefore don’t hesitate to ask me for usage if the cause is good and noble ;)

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    .Crystal. says:

    "Prof Eulogist. * Ahem ahem * .
    How much can you make out about a person from his photos? Well, a LOT!. Nice, fun loving, normal guy, with a sense of humour. =D. Stay the same ,mate. and continue clickin' amazing images of the oh-so-gorgeous Maldives.
    Take care,


    January 1st, 2010

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    Rahtehin says:

    "Bubs a good photographer. Been taking almost all the good pictures for me and my friends for sometime. He is one of the reasons why I decided to give a shot at Flicker. Been helping me with hints(even right now !) to get to the best picture always. Simply a helpful bloody genius ! :D"

    September 5th, 2009

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    Koamas says:

    "His character is reflected through his work. He is a fun guy to be with and that nature his reflected in most of his work. The guy got talent and creativity deep inside him, a great artist."

    November 21st, 2008

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    Mohamed.Ahsan says:

    ""I have reviewed his flickr & found that he is very skillful & knowledgeable in photography. I enjoy it very much. A fantastic photographer who has a keen eye for the details of the world around him that are brought to life through flawless compositions and beautiful light. his subjects are a wonderful combination of sublime and everyday objects that are literally brought into an entirely new light. Keep up man ...!!! ur work in simply amazing :))"

    February 22nd, 2008

October 2006
Seenu Feydhoo
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Prof EuLOGist (iPhone 4 Photography)