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I'm still in the learning process... and I think will always be.

enggul. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


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    .I Travel East. says:

    "Enggul is one of the few photographers here at Flickr that I follow closely, or try to (:P) because of his mostly tongue-in-cheek approach to his photography.

    I must admit, his funny shots brightens my days! He is one hell of a cool funny guy... Very effective yet clean with his approach he always leaves me cracking a smile across my face.

    But, when he is serious with his photography... Man, his works are totallly, absolutely fascinating and and awe-inspiring.

    A cool, fun regular guy, Enggul is, hands down, one of the most promising lens people around here. Just browse his streams! And be up for a delightful linger about.

    Kudos, 'Gul! Thanks for sharing your passion with us... More power to you, and MABUHAY ka!!!

    Ge / Baton Rouge, Louisiana / 10.05.08"

    October 5th, 2008

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    on2boy says:

    "ang ngilngig nga dramatorgo!!

    woot woot!"

    September 20th, 2008

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    flowery song says:

    "All i can say for Enggul is...I Like his hair..hehehe.
    He is such a nice Guy and a good photographer.I like his style in photographing the subjects.I alway's enjoyed looking at his photostream.A Funny and Friendly
    character.Keep it up friend!Keep shooting!(Pakita mo naman mga naka Two-PC mo jan sa beach oy!ahahaha)"

    August 4th, 2008

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    Coal Miki says:

    "Eng is a visionary photographer, always managing to get the best shots I'd only dreamed of taking shortly after seeing them. I'm constantly amazed by his ability to see past what's immediately in front of him and instead seeing what could be there should he add factor X, be it a stopping up of the aperture, a small prop such as a donut or a cadaver, or simply simulating an earthquake by wobbling the camera. Somehow he gets away with it time and time again and I salute him! To Eng, the photographer I would be if my lack of imagination and tangible skill (not to mention dashingly bad looks) didn't get in the way."

    August 1st, 2008

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    meowiefotografie says:

    "AHA! AM the furst one to write a testimonial for my son coming from the land of Japan! ahahahah... nah i just adopted him from Kabayan!

    EMONGS (as Marlon named him after being so controversial and dramatic) will always be like a little brother to me, after all I have no younger siblings since am the youngest in the family. Although I have not met Engguls..I know that he is a good kid, cause if not I will go and look for him in Japan and cut his balls out. eheheh..

    Enggul has this pure gist of maturity in him although you may not to see it in his physical character. But when you come to talk to him in a semi-kind of serious matter, you will see the real emongs in mature way not that surprising.....oh okay yeah...SURPRISING! ahahha....

    Seriously, Enggul has his own way of projecting his skills in photography in a manner that depicts his own style and creativity. Am glad to have met him here in Flicker and looking forward to meet him someday in the future. Am proud to be included as one of his contacts...and am proud to call him as my friend.

    Mabuhey ka ENggs!"

    June 5th, 2008

エン バルドマン
June 2005
Cebu, Philippines
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