The Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) was established in 1986 as the Emergency Preparedness Special Interest Group. The name was changed to Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) in 1990.

The EMI SIG is sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Emergency Management and Policy (NA-41) and advised by the DOE Office of Transportation (EM-11).

Since its inception, the SIG has conducted annual SIG meetings, developed numerous products, shared lessons learned, and provided a network for emergency management professionals.

The EMI SIG Steering Committee meets at least twice a year to plan activities for the SIG and discuss emergency management issues of interest to DOE/National Nuclear Security Administration and its contractors.

The EMI SIG general membership meets annually. Working Groups meet as needed and work toward the development of training products and resources that can be used by all EMI SIG members or members of other Special Interest Groups.

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