Prior to March 2010, the only cameras I ever used were the disposable kinds. Then, I read an article in my high school alumni bulletin which featured amazing works by Dean Chamberlain. I had to give light painting a try, and since that time, I have been utterly addicted to long exposure, light waving fun.


All the photos presented in my photostream are straight from the camera, except for a very small number which I did some cropping. Not that there is anything wrong with using CS for any reason, I just prefer not to.


I like working with intensely saturated color and strive for rich psychedelic and surreal effects. Hope you enjoy!

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I just want to roll around in your photos and inhale them deeply into my lungs.

April 23, 2012

Outstanding Bright Colorful Eye-Candy! That is how I would describe Eric's photography! He is truly an inspirational Light Painting photographer and he always leaves you wanting more! Take the time to go through his photostream! You will not be disappointed! :-)

February 10, 2012