My name is Marya.

emdot. Get yours at

I've got two quotes for you. :)

Don't worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive. — Howard Thurman

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best. — Henry Van Dyke


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    notcatherinezeta says:

    "She is lovely to people and you (I) get the feeling that she actually likes them and isn't just pretending. She is funny, insightful and very cute and I am completely happy to have her in my internet life.
    And she takes the best chair pictures ever."

    September 12th, 2008

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    mord says:

    "Emdot, Marya is the cutest of cuteness, but dont let that cute exterior fool you under that thick layer of cuteness is a cutey, its time for my medicine nurse :P"

    July 2nd, 2008

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    Orrin says:

    "Marya sees hearts everywhere.

    It takes one to know one."

    December 21st, 2007

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    crowded suggestion says:

    "em is the zeitgeist of flickr. if it hadn't been for her, i wouldn't have stuck around long enough to finally get this site. oh, and don't miss her arches."

    February 28th, 2007

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    ♥ shhexy corin ♥ says:

    "emdot used to steal my lunch money off me on a daily basis. She'd pick me up by my ankles and shake me until the money fell out of my pockets. I failed history because of all the brain cells she killed off.

    I'm not sure what happened over the last few years, she used to be such a nasty person.

    Now, well, watch out! Her niceness may kill you."

    November 10th, 2006

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    The 10 cent designer says:

    "One day on Utata some time back, I kinda publicly tricked Emdot into making me a contact. Oh boY am I glad I did! her photos constantly amaze and delight me. Her wisdom has no end. Emdot and her photographs make the world a better place.
    "insert snippet of poem here""

    October 28th, 2006

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    heather says:

    "emdot is a superhero. I've yet to see her wear her underpants on the outside, but I know they're there."

    August 16th, 2006

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    iBagwan says:

    "Ohhhhhmmmyyygggaaawwwdddd! It's Marya!!!! I was wondering who this was. I love, love, love, love this girl! She sweet and sexy with a brain and an eye to boot......."

    July 13th, 2006

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    Automatt says:

    "My first.
    Contact, that is.
    Flickr would suck moose without her."

    June 5th, 2006

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    impossible reward says:

    "I agree with everyone, especially Big Al Davies below."

    May 1st, 2006

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    myla kent says:

    "one of the sweetest flickrites you'll ever meet (*and* she takes wonderful photographs!) ;)"

    March 31st, 2006

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    Ten Directions says:

    "Marya equals……

    marvelous…..joyful…..laughter…..creative….. artistic… compassion……..amazing……..the greatest"

    October 9th, 2005

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    27ray says:

    "What can I say that the other people here haven't already said she is all of those things in spades, eM (as i enjoy calling her) is a master stroke of a person, an and damn observant photographer too boot! I consider myself lucky to have "meet" her here on flickr."

    September 15th, 2005

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    Brian T Wright says:

    "If Marya were a spice, she would be cinnamon. Good for the heart, providing warmth and color, a lingering sweetness, exotic and flavorful, without which our lives would be tasteless indeed."

    August 25th, 2005

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    elastic giants says:

    "I'm just here for the boobies."

    August 17th, 2005

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    Linus Gelber says:

    "As much by accident as by intent, and as much because of her eye as because of her heart, Marya makes me smile, laugh, think, and create.

    Like the sage says: to know her is to love her. Her world through the pinprick of her camera is a glimpse at the greenest of lives, fresh and rooted and depp. Not depp, stop that. Deep. C'mon fingers, get it right."

    July 11th, 2005

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    efficient weather says:

    "She has the highest [provoked smiles and giggles and laughters per word] ratio. And I am smiling all the time 'cause of her. And it is uncontrollable. And I don't want to resist. Ever! ^.^"

    June 26th, 2005

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    bryan campen says:

    "There is no one more generous *and* omnipresent on flickr. It is both remarkable and a delight every time I see her face and words appear."

    June 26th, 2005

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    curious bicycle says:

    "My favorite Flickr pal, her stream gets better and better, her comments are the quickest, if you see a cool stream here, she beat you to it, she has guts, style and is a guru to me.

    Marya is the best, accept no substitute, queen of flickr.

    Yes she has a pretty little stream!"

    June 22nd, 2005

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    It'sGreg says:

    "There are few things you can be sure of in the world. One of them is this: emdot will make you smile. It's not just that she's clever and funny and altogether charming, it's not just that she takes photographs that are somehow both wonderfully complex AND organically simple, and it's not just that she has an irresistibly impish grin (though all those things help). This is a woman who truly enjoys people. It's impossible not to enjoy her back."

    June 3rd, 2005

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    Colour says:

    "Emdot is a gracious and welcoming soul who offers encouragement and warmth. She puts a friendly face on Flickr and tirelessly promotes groups she doesn't administer. Oh, and she's created my all-time favourite Flickr image.

    Unfortunately she makes me want to take photos while driving, but first I have to get a sunroof."

    June 2nd, 2005

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    Bobo McCrittersen says:

    "370 + Flickr Friends!
    Damn Mar Mar.
    You definitely got me beat.
    C'est Super!"

    May 29th, 2005

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    good morning stradivari says:

    "Emdot's photos engage in all things that are real. This seems a fitting combination with her personality and attitude toward people and life. Often, I find myself wishing I was actually standing in the places of her photos, enjoying the fantastic moods and moments that they capture."

    May 12th, 2005

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    thomask says:

    "emdot is one of the few few people whose posts on the 'what i'm listening to right now thread' are actually worth chasing up! yay for marya's good taste in music!"

    April 19th, 2005

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    brendadada says:

    "emdot has such a truly great photostream, she has simply inspired me to try to take better pictures, and I thank her."

    April 11th, 2005

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    O Caritas says:

    "Okay, so here's to piling on...

    Marya is about pictures and words and wonder and joy and empathy and friendship and humanness and so much more. So much more.

    She is about articulating what the heart and soul hold most dearly and what this world needs so sorely.

    She is a warm ocean breeze rushing against our faces; a cool, refreshing tide rushing over our feet.

    This is not mere hyperbole -- the testimonials on this page are indeed evidence of that, evidence that this is one person who surely has her karmic shit together.

    As far as I'm concerned, evolution could end with m. (Hmmm... But then, that would make it evolutiom.)"

    March 30th, 2005

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    fubuki says:

    "i completely adore Marya.
    i completely adore Marya.
    i completely adore Marya.
    i completely adore Marya.
    i completely adore Marya.
    i completely adore Marya.

    ahhhhhh... i feel better now. i just had to get that out.

    try it, you'll love it."

    March 25th, 2005

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    Art Ascii says:

    "Marya and I are just getting to know each other. She has a warm, big heart and made my 9 year old son rock on our settee to The Kings of Leon....go m. Her photoshop composites are awesome and soooo amusing."

    March 18th, 2005

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    mscaprikell says:

    "The Em I Know...

    beautiful, compassionate, kind;
    visionary of heart, soul & mind.
    knowing her via internet virtually;
    pales to her personal reality.
    extraordinary digital photographer;
    "Friend" - I am honored to call her!

    as I am..."

    March 4th, 2005

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    fluffy letter says:

    "i tag marya as such:

    heart beat beat beat
    gives good face
    can out write you, bang bang
    you know your loved when you know marya
    tag mama
    gleaming smile
    multiple talents (ask her to sing)
    inquisitive kitten
    keeper of the flock
    faster than the sundance kid
    a fine story teller
    a road side surgeon
    masters degree from kung fu yu
    i feel blessed to know her
    she picks me up after i break my ego
    a friend i will carry with me as long as i take in air
    the list is long...."

    February 26th, 2005

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    zephyr1 says:

    "It's not very often that you meet someone that brings a greater strength and fullness to your heart and person. Mar-Mar is one of those very unique people that have helped to shape and build the person that I have become. I love her."

    December 2nd, 2004

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    calvo says:

    "the consummate flickr pimp!"

    November 19th, 2004

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    YardSale says:

    "Emdot is the best ever. Aside from her being my best friend and confidante, she inspires me with her insatiable appetite to find new and creative means of expression.
    A prolific journaler, a constant doodler, an internet junky, clever, witty, and so punny, she is easy to know and want to be around.
    She's my Shmoop"

    November 11th, 2004

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    yellerbelly says:

    "M. has so much energy... except when she doesn't and even then, it seems like she does when she energetically tells you she doesn't have any energy... She's a wordsmith, punster, musician, artist, entrepreneur, and artistic appreciator for the under-appreciated, and even better, she's a fabulous friend. xoxo"

    November 9th, 2004

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