Today I learned that there are people on flickr, who think it would be appropriate if I had a written flickr-profile. Actually until today I didn’t think to be impolite, not having one. I apologize for that mistake to whomever it may concern. I actually ever read any written flickr profile texts in the past and follow(ed) people just because I like their photography. That was until today, what I thought flickr was all about. But it’s a social media platform and I don’t want to stay outside of expectations a social group - or at least some of the members of that group may have to me. So here are the things, I am able to tell you about me as a photographer.

I started photography many years ago and a long time before DSLR where invented. When my children where born I stopped that time-consuming activity and just took some snapshots of them with a cheap digital camera – the first digital camera I bought in those days was a sony. Until two years ago I just stayed doing some snapshot photography of my children and their sports activity with a This was in a way my first experience with a DSLR.

In 2013 I bought a Nikon D7100 as my love had a Nikon and I wanted to be able to share lenses with her. All the stuff I bought and used for this camera was stolen in March 2014. Waiting until the insurance gave me money to buy new stuff, I bought a cheap Nikon D5300-Kit just to be able to take some shots. Some months ago now I got the chance to get a cheap (because used) Nikon D800 from an official source, which I could not deny to buy for the price it was offered to me.

I like using Lightroom and often enough Photoshop on my shots. In some way this feels like working in the darkroom in former days with films and chemistry, feathers and other utilities - and paper of course.

I have a strong believe in Creative Commons and have so far published all my stuff on flickr unter the CC “Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike” licensing model. This is also, why I do not use watermarks. Actually, I think there will be strong business models in the future supporting and granting a lot of benefit to this license. Though I understand that people who have to earn money today with their photography might be of different opinion – because such business models are not yet working in a way that would enable most of their users to pay their rent.

I myself pay my rent (an buy all my photographic equipment) with money I earn from doing a day to day job in the IT industry and will stay an amateur photographer until another day.

I’m not a native English speaker. So anything I write here is in a language that is a foreign language for me. I tried my best but should though anything in this text offend you, you might find it’s because I did not recognize I was writing offending words. Please give me some advice and I will change the very words.


*****WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or commercial (scientific) projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this.*****


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