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    biedk says:

    "Elyse is one of the Flickr members that really shows us their world. Now I know what a lot of Cincinnati looks like. And she shows us her personal world too, her books, movies, the fine things she makes, the sky above. But what I enjoy the most is her cat pics! Cute, cuddly, lovable critters! The shots are so adorable whether the cats are sleeping, playing, drinking water from a full size bowl or having a nice time in the sink! Elyse is a very nice person too, so I am very glad to have her as my Flicks friend"

    October 20th, 2008

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    lauronsky says:

    "I think Elyce's cats have plans to dominate the world, but for the time being it's nice to see them captured in such great way: they always make me smile, laugh or awe.
    Elyce's book reports always make me wish to run to the nearest bookshop, her city/landscapes/cemeteries shots are not just beautiful but also refined by interesting pieces of information, news and history, and I adore her 100strangers project, because she is able to capture not only great faces but also great stories, in an amazing journey through all these lives we cross every day without thinking about.
    I also truly admire Elyce's strong commitment in defending her ideas and values in this age of trouble and change.
    I am grateful to have met her on Flickr because it's not just great fun to share our photos together: she also teaches me a lot, helping me to become a better person every single day."

    October 19th, 2008

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    photopolly says:

    "Elyce Feliz is a spiritual, creative artist, full of passion, who is always trying to make the world a better, safer, cleaner place. Hanging out with her on flickr is engaging and fun. She is constantly charging ahead — using her art to address the planet's problems. She'll challenge you to think and act—but also to laugh! In the pictures of her life in the WOF (World Outside Flickr), you can see on the faces of her friends that they feel the same way too. Elyce, Laura, Birgitte and I are the founding members of the Blue Tongue Ladies Group (it's a long story.....). In fact, Elyce may be the President. I am very blessed to have met Elyce and have her for a friend!"

    October 19th, 2008

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