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When I was younger, my grandfather would give me his old Popular Photography magazines. I loved leafing through them, and aside from the occasional nude, what struck me most was how pretentious and way too serious a lot of the photographers seemed to be. Always posing with their gear, and nary a smile...

I have nothing against good or even great photography. But what I love most is coming across someone for whom photography tells a story, and preferably, their story. Someone who shoots for the sheer joy of it, who understands that mistakes frequently do not matter, someone who prefers a good laugh over professional adulation.

perfection is boring...

"Perhaps, if I am very lucky, the feeble efforts of my lifetime will someday be noticed, and maybe, in some small way, they will be acknowledged as the greatest works of genius ever created by man."

-Jack Handey

"There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters."

-Alice Thomas Ellis

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    sophielovespeanutbutter says:

    "elston is, unequivocally, the King of the one-liner."

    January 26th, 2007

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    defeated library says:

    "I heard someone say that through Flickr, they’ve met better quality people in the last year than they had in the past several. I would say that this definitely applies to Chuck. Since getting to know him, the music I listen has gotten better, I've seen better movies, I eat brunch more often, I’ve gained a better understanding of what icing is, and I general, I have more fun. If that isn’t a great thing, then I don’t know what is."

    August 24th, 2006

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    ShimmeeGrrl says:

    "life lessons inspired by chuck --
    -- jump for joy often and snap others that do with jedi-like timing
    -- men should wear kilts
    -- it's keen to know who farted
    -- one person's junk can be an awesome photo find
    -- a Penn State alum and a Nebraskan can discuss football (and then hug)
    -- always bring a hula-hoop to parties
    -- skip lightly, carry a tiny cam, and get a fantastic shot every time
    -- hockey is life
    -- and know where the chips are so you can steal them

    there's no room for hair because he knows EVERYTHING!
    storage space must be an issue.

    great friends make you laugh --
    chuck makes me laugh.

    July 20th, 2006

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    Box of Light says:

    "Hear ye, Hear ye:
    If there was such a thing as my "most favorited"-est flickrer, elston would be mine.
    (take note, i'm not talking about elston favoriting my photos the most--although he should, and so should you--i'm talking about He's. MY. favorite. y'heard?)

    maybe the "most interestingness" of all my flickr pals, too.
    hey people, anything's possible..."

    February 22nd, 2006

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    Rob Lee says:

    "It is all Chuck's fault! Everything! He got me hooked on Flickr like a bad drug. I recommend adding Chuck (aka Elston) as a contact - he's got a good steady stream of interesting shots. Keep 'em coming Chuck."

    August 18th, 2005

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    SeenyaRita says:

    "I believe the following things about this guy named Elston to be true (but don't take my word for it cause I have been known to be completely wrong about some things):

    --he invented collage
    --he makes daily life in and around Pittsburgh look practically exciting.
    --he shaves his head
    --he's Amish
    --he's got a sharp eye and an even sharper mind
    --he is very very punny
    --he's the tiger woods of frisbee golf
    --he's a levitation expert (both literally and figuratively)
    --he can play poker but he doesn't know how to row a boat
    --good guys like him are very hard to find"

    June 30th, 2005

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    charming icicle says:

    "~as a fellow Pittsburgh I am constantly impressed with what I see from elston, he presents me with views of the city (that I call home) that I have to discover for myself...~"

    June 30th, 2005

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    spleeny says:

    "Elston's head sports a smooth and stylish exterior, not unlike a cartoon bomb.

    Elston's head sports a vast, intricate, unexpected, and explosive interior, not unlike a cartoon bomb.

    When Elston's head explodes, not unlike a cartoon bomb, those in the general vicinity may experience some abnormal visual effects, temporary muteness, stoppage of breath, and tingling within the extremities.

    Thankfully, Elston has seen fit to record a small fraction of the evidentiary history of these explosions within this photographic log.

    Please note that, besides the above-mentioned short-term side effects, perusal of these images may incur long-lasting, chronic after-effects.


    June 15th, 2005

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    gardengal says:

    "elston is awesome!

    say it with me, now:

    elston. is. awesome!"

    March 20th, 2005

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    drp says:

    "Elston's a real "slice of life" kind of guy. No flash, no glamor, just raw and real images of the world around him. He captures those everyday moments beautifully. And I'd jump my scrawny ass in the air any day if he's the one taking the shot."

    November 19th, 2004

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