When this photostream was created in January 2009, the primary goal was to showcase images from the screenlens of its namesake, the Second Life avatar "Else Barnard". It didn't take long however, for its expanding scope to encompass images from beyond that initial charter.

Today, friends and visitors will find several distinct perspectives represented. Each of these is what the Principia Discordia might call, "true in some sense, false in some sense, (and) meaningless in some sense". Here's the cast of characters...

Else Honoria Barnard (an avatar): A cis woman, created June 6, 2006, but floating somewhere between 40 and 60 years of apparent age. A veteran of several years in the SL burlesque, having performed and emceed for such establishments as The Asylum and Ellie's Burlesque, as well as the groundbreaking Beautiful Freaks revue, and the magnificent E&S Burlesque Factory, both now sadly extant only in photos and memory.

EAR Oh (an alt): Else's cis male alt, born a little later, on March 7, 2007. As the official "voice" of the duo, EAR is proud to have performed live music for audiences at the fantastic Idle Rogue, and at the now-defunct E&S Burlesque Factory, and especially to have had the opportunity to share stages with such luminaries of SL music as the phenomenal Ms. JordanReyne Deezul (whose albums you should buy, immediately). EAR also performs live readings of spooky tales... once in a while, when he can find the bloody microphone amidst the debris of his cluttered studio.

Eric (a typist): A cis male programmer, maker, and musician living near Washington DC. Like Else, he is softhearted and butch-leaning. Like EAR, he is... kinda tall? Like both, he is happily partnered, comfortably pansexual, and kinky as the dickens. ;)

The keen-eyed visitor will note that EAR's complexion tends to be dark. There's a reason for that, and should I suddenly find myself awash in enquiring emails, I'll explain, but otherwise, I'll refrain from boring you folks with the details.

Namaste, y'all.

- E

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