The Women’s Business Border Center (WBBC) established in 2001 is the first Center
to be co-located with a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in the United States. The
Women’s Business Border Center in partially funded by the United States Business Administration (SBA) Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO)

We serve individuals who want to start or expand their business and can support
these efforts in a user-friendly hand on process tied to technical support and outreach.

The WBBC provides information, training, individual technical assistance and opportunities
for not only women but anyone interested in starting or expanding their business. We
create opportunities for anyone who wants to access information, personal guidance and insight into business-management skills.

The WBBC provides assistance and/or training in finance, management, marketing, procurement and the Internet as well as addre ssing specialized topics such as home-based business, corporate executive downsizing and welfare-to work.

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Women's Business Border Center
May 2013
El Paso Hispanic Chamber - WBBC