Mumm Series #1
"Mumm Series #1"

Sun Dreaming
"Sun Dreaming"

My belief and conviction:

“Life exists in both a physical world and a spiritual world.”

This belief is central to my art. When I create a physical object of art, I believe I am also creating a spiritual essence. The physical object I create may be an ink or pencil line on paper, paint on canvas, a sculpture, a wood carving or other artistic media, but my goal remains unchanged. My objective is that the artistic piece infuses a non-dimensional link and bond with those who view it.

Night Guard
"Night Guard"

When this happens I believe the spirit in the piece connects with the spirit of the viewer. Without that relationship and exchange of energy and empathy, there is no connection between the creation and the viewer; and therefore, there is no “art.” My hope is that my art creates a mutual two way shared experience between the piece and the viewer. If the art is not creating a connective link and relationship with the viewer, the piece is just another inert useless object in the viewer’s eyes.

Floating Dreams
"Floating Dreams"

The viewer’s interpretation and reaction to the piece may not be the same as mine, but if the observers of my art connect with and relate to the piece on an emotional, spiritual or mystical level, I consider the piece a success. I need the piece to address and speak to the viewer. I need my art to be dynamic and vibrant. I need the viewer to interact with the piece.

Moon Raising
"Moon Raising"

I use many genre and media. For me these are “different visual vocabularies”; or another analogy is that my tools and materials are visual “musical instruments.” Just as musicians create energy and passion with their musical instruments, my objective in artistic expression is to create and transfer my energy and passion. I need my pieces to be kinetic, and move the viewer to experience the emotion and spirit of the piece or my art.

Backward Fancy
"Backward Fancy"

My art reflects the progression and the process of the creation of the piece itself. The goal is not to exhibit my mastery of materials. Nor is beauty and attractiveness the main purpose of my art. Passion, excitement, delight and energy are more important to create than to convey exquisiteness and beauty. I enjoy creating art that appeals to the mind, body and spirit. I would rather captivate and enchant you than “WOW” or dazzle you.

The process of creating art is both enjoyable and exhausting, draining my energy as that energy is transferred to the piece. I need my art to become “alive” with the energy I convey in it and transmit to it.

Desert Heat
"Desert Heat"

Abstract & Surreal Art
Energy is in the details of the lines of life. If I could draw life and spirit in one single line, I would consider the piece finished. Many times I have no idea what I am going to draw or create. I think of form, I think of line, with painting I think of color, and the piece reveals itself. I try to amplify on what happens with the materials. Sometimes accidents occur —ink drops from my pen for example—and I make that “accident” a part of the drawing. Usually these pieces capture my emotions of the moment.

Painted desert
"Painted Desert"

I create landscapes from real life. When creating landscapes, I try to capture the moment and my feelings, be it the grandeur of the man-made or the power and beauty of the natural world. The elements for the combination of light, color, space and texture excite me; I revel in uncontrollable nature. From this “Earth” we connect to all that is in the Universe.

Baby Food
"Baby Food"

I create portraits from real life or from photographs, usually of people who are very close to me. I try to convey the inner light and spirit of the person being captured in my art. I realize the portrait is not a person, but a spirit that comes from them through me.

My art:
•Is Meditative and Contemplative
•Energetic, Vibrant and Kinetic
•Appealing to the mind, body and spirit
•Communicates, Connects and Captivates
•Pulls everything out and connects to it,
•and is Mystical and Spiritual

If you are interested in purchasing an original or a copy of any of my artwork, please go to my website at or contact me at for more information.

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