I take pictures. And I have a bunch of old family photos and other crap that I've been scanning.

If you want to copy/adapt any of what I've posted, please ask me first and let me know what you'd like to use it for. I do not want to see my family photos on cute etsy offerings.

Most of what's here is scanned from original prints or negatives. The photos in Ben and Al's morgue files are of unknown copyright status; where possible, I've credited the photographer. I will remove anything found to violate copyright if called to my attention. Please don't copy the pics from Ben and Al's morgue files for commercial use. I've posted them here for purposes of archival preservation and personal enjoyment, not profit.

If you favorite my photos and don't have anything available or a stream full of images lifted from elsewhere, I will block you. I'm sorry; I just find that suspicious.

I waver between generosity and anger over the photo-sharing issue. When I come across a photo of mine repurposed without permission, that causes me to rethink what I post here. I feel a little more generous about the non-personal photos, but would appreciate the courtesy of asking first. Family photos? Definitely ask.

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March 2005
Massachusetts, USA
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