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A Birmingham based amateur photographer. I have been on Flickr since June 2009, so have been a member now over 10 years. Any requests for photo use via Flickr Mail (not as a comment under the photo). Would welcome offers of payment for use of my photos in the future. You cannot use my photos in a book, magazine, TV etc unless you pay me. Saying "You don't have a budget" is not an acceptable response.

My current Creative Commons default licence is Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike. Please do not expect to use my photos in books and magazines for nothing other than a credit. My older photos have my previous CC licences on them (apart from the ones I changed in the past). Do not upload to the Wikimedia Commons any of my photos with a Non Commercial licence. Only I myself will upload to the Wiki Commons if I change the licence to Attribution-Share Alike.


See my page over on Birmingham We Are Your Place Your Space - Elliott Brown. I am one of their "People with Passion" and create many posts over there (and upload my photos there too usually resized). This is part of Birmingham We Are / Birmingham Gems.


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Photo published in the Birmingham Mail



Latest shot:


Orange narrowboat on the Oozells Street Loop at Ladywood Junction


Photo published in the Birmingham Post



Latest shot:


Cannon Hill Park - Great Cormorant


Followers with zero photos and are new will be blocked as soon as they follow me. If you fave or add my photos to galleries, but have none yourself, I will block you. Don't just create an account to request to use my photo, then have none of your own uploaded, instant block. A reminder that new followers who fave or follow me but have ZERO photos of their own (or albums etc) will get blocked.

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