Anthony Acosta was the Creative Director of Interactive (Texas Region) at Entravision Communications for 14 years. He is an Award Winning Marketing Campaign Creator/Director, Engineer, Author, Photographer, Full Stack Developer, Expert in Graphic Design.


Anthony works behind the scenes to create winning strategies for businesses across the country.


25 years as a computer professional, including 7 years as an IT professional (I am a full stack developer/polyglot). A proven productive self-starter with a strong work ethic; consistently achieving any goal set in front of him.


Currently managing Online Brand Creation, development, and Promotion for a variety of Television and Radio Stations in both english and spanish languages.


Successful Project Manager in a wide variety of ventures. I am always looking for innovative ways of developing web applications and love to assist in the development of tech start-ups.

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  • JoinedNovember 2006
  • OccupationRegional #Director of Interactive
  • HometownMcAllen
  • Current cityMcAllen
  • CountryUSA
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Anthony is fun and it shows in his pictures. He also gets to photograph more hot chicks than I do and I thusly want to destroy him, Jedi-style.

June 24, 2008