If you are interested in any of the pictures here (other than my family ones, of course) please write to me with your needs and most likely you will get a hi-res version, if available, for free irrespective of the license terms on each photograph coz I am too lazy & busy to change that stuff now.

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  • Faces of Pakistan by Edge of Space
  • Live happily by Mirjee ....

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    Vagabond Inside says:

    "I am at loss for words to describe this young and talented man's photography.His pictures aren't only pictures,they are alive. They talk,breath,smile,snort and cry.Every picture is unique and has a tale of its own.The great thing about his pictures is the perspective with which each picture is taken and everyone is different from the other.The words he use really are like crowns over the heads of these splendid pieces of photography. He seeks the truth in mundane things of Life and gives them menaing by his pictures and words.He is rightly An Observer of Real Life. He calls himself a Dreamer but his dreams are as real and deep as life itself.Great Going Ejaz,We want to see more and more great pics from you.Don't deprive us of chances of being awed and amused by your fabulous pictures.Keep spreading this life and light you create, among us.
    Best Regards,
    PS:I know I didn't do justice to this testimonial,it shud've been as superb as your pics but as i am a loser,i hope u'd forgive my handicapped-ness when it comes to words :("

    May 18th, 2008

June 2005
"I haven't really ever found a place that I call home"
Karachi, Pakistan
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Male and Taken
Interaction & User Experience Designer
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