My kids watch a show called Team Umi Zoomi, where there are tiny super heroes with mighty math powers. One of them is always saying, "Pattern Power!!!!" I think that would be a good description of my photostream, too. :-)

When I am not teaching bilingual kindergarten, I am a stay-home mom. Once my daughter was old enough for DUPLO, I got re-hooked on LEGO, and became very involved in the hobby.

I've become more interested in other hobbies right now, but certainly don't have any plans to give the bricks away!

I write for:
HispaBrick Magazine
Friends Bricks
LEGO Friends Inspire Girls Globally

Contributions to books about LEGO:
The LEGO Adventure Book, by Megan Rothrock (pp. 156-165)
Beautiful LEGO, by Mike Doyle (pp. 170-175)
The Art of LEGO Design, by Jordan Schwartz (pp. 51-74, 132-133, 155)

Tri-City Herald Article
MosaicBricks Interview
Beyond the Brick Podcast Interview

Information on Cheese Slopes:
How to make a 6-pointed star
Cheese Slope Mosaics: A Tutorial (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 014)
Evolution of a Cheese Slope Mosaic
Introduction to Cheese Slope Mosaics PowerPoint presentation (Presented at BrickCon 2012)

Some Other Articles I've Written:
Interview with Sean and Steph Mayo (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 015)
BrickCon 2012 Article (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 015)
Leaf Weaving: A Technique for Building LEGO Trees (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 016)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Best in Magical Education! (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 017)
Introduction to Headlight Brick Patterns (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 018)

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    Casey M. says:

    "Katie has been a great friend to me and the online Lego community. She is kind and helpful at every step of the way with the blog Mosaicbricks, or discussions over at C-C or in her Flickr stream. Oh, and she's pretty much one of the best builders I know."

    July 4th, 2013

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    zonked record says:

    "What to say about Katie that Scruffy hasn't already brilliantly described...hmmm??!?

    ...well I won't be able to say it as wity and clever as he did, but I can say that Katie is one of my most favouritest of folks. Her designs are legendary, so much so that we all stare in awe like slack-jawed yocals looking at a girl washing a car while wearing daisy dukes! And as I always knew, she can build a top notch swooshy spaceship too!

    Even without meeting her in person I know that she is a loving mother...who may need some wine on occassion, but hey, who among us doesn't?

    I giggle every time that I see her little winky face at the end of her comments! (that's right, I said I giggle!!)

    The only thing left to say is that she is a good friend!"

    September 8th, 2011

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    ะฝawะบ says:

    "Katie has a lot more cheese slopes than I do."

    July 22nd, 2011

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    Scruffy Mynxbane says:

    "Katie is more than a breath of fresh air to the putrid cigar and two-day-old-poptart laden atmosphere of Legofandom's mom's basement. She is the roof getting ripped off and the sky shining into the darkness, bringing with it bluebirds bearing cheeseslopes on patterned platters. She is a magnificent stained glass window in a dorm room. She is the Alchemist, an organized, mathematical mystic painstakingly perfecting her potion that will transform the grรผschtelling chaos of the Lego bin into order and beauty. She is a rose among monkeys, a mom among the Lost Boys, a caring, warm hearted, real person among artless, unapologetic slobbery.

    She is greatly to be pitied."

    December 5th, 2010

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    sandy_cash says:

    "One of the builders whose work I want to mimic and steal. Endlessly creative and exploratory in her building, and she reminds me that good and big are not the same on a daily basis."

    October 29th, 2010

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    equuinox says:

    "Katie is one of the most talented Lego artists I've ever encountered. Her cheese-slope designs stun me every time I see them- wonderful work!"

    September 6th, 2010

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    Blake's Baericks says:

    "Ever since I first heard her name on Classic Castle Katie has inspired me to greatness. Her breathtaking patterns and uses of SNOT are absolutely incredible. A rising star among the AFOL community to be sure. Best of luck in the future projects Katie!

    August 23rd, 2010

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    Shadow Viking says:

    "Churns out brilliant and inspiring patterns like nobody's business, and can work them into full MOCs with as much skill- if a little less frequency...
    As if that's not enough, she's a really nice person too. If you haven't added her as a contact yet, you're missing out :)"

    July 20th, 2010

Katie Walker
July 2006
Pasco, Washington
Pasco, Washington, USA
I am:
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