Mother of three very unique and amazing kids. I love to create with fabric, thread, paper, buttons, beads and yarn. I keep chickens and am blessed to have farm fresh eggs every day. My family and I grow lots of fruits and vegetables which is wonderful, but I still dislike having to think of what to fix for dinner each night.


Author of Every Last Piece


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Lynn Carson Harris

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When you visit Lynn's's as if you've opened a window on a breezy day..........and all that comes in through that window is fresh, and wonderfully natural. I look forward to her photos; through them you get a glimpse of her spirit!! xo

March 5, 2009

Lynn's reliabillity is unmatched. You're extremely talented and an absolute pleasure to know.

July 20, 2008

I love Lynn, especially sunny side up, with toast. She also bought something from me, so I am obligated to suck up to her. But I'd do it anyway because she's ace.

May 22, 2008
Millie C. says:

Eggmoney is the best.

February 22, 2007