I live 5 min far from Nikon Nishiohi factory shince 1980.
My granpa moved to Nishiohi befor WWll.
Near by Nikon 102 bilding there is a park(Nishiohi hiroba)
I plaied base ball everyday after school at the park which we call as Mitubishi.
Between park and 102 bilding there was a grass factory.
A big clock was at the grass factory's wall.
My granma gave me and younger brother a order to came back home befor PM5:00. If we didn't,granma was so mad!!
We really paied attention to keep eye on that clock.
Nobody call the park as Niishiohi hiroba.
Every one call as Mitubishi not Nikon.
My father is professional photografer.
He gave me Nikon EM at 1980.
My Nikon EM never die.Which can use now 2009.
Therefor I grown up near by Nikon.
I think it is good enogh reason to use Nikon.

Now I have
Nikon EM
Nikon F100
Nikon F
Nikon F
Nikon S black
Nikon SP
Nikon S3
Nikon S2
Nikon D40
Nikon D800E
Nikon D700
Kodak DCS760
Kodak DCS ProBack Plus
Hasselblad CFV50
Leica M3
Canon L2
Canon L1
Canon VT De Luxe
Olympus Pen S
Olympus Pen F
Fuji GX680
PowerPhase for GX680
Hasselblad 501CM
Hasselblad 503CW
Hasselblad 555ELD
Rolleiflex E
Rolleiflex T
Rolleicord Vb

and more.

Will upload the pictures which were taken by those camera.

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    NateVenture says:

    "Shintaro is a mad scientist, a genius and all around friendly guy all wrapped up in one individual. He has a style all his own and he's the life of the party. His wild camera creations and tweaks make my heat beat a little faster. Shintaro corrects Leica's original sin of not making all of their cameras black paint. Don't feed him cashews!"

    April 23rd, 2011

Shintaro Yaginuma
April 2009
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