About Artist Ed Gray:

London born artist Ed Gray is a painter of contemporary city life, primarily London, but more recently, New York, Mexico City, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Capetown:

"I paint cities and people. First and foremost I paint about London, my city. These paintings are celebrations of the people and places that I walk through with my sketchbook. My aim is to expose the rich contrasts of modern city living, the excitement and vitality that glitters through the grime of the contemporary urban landscape. This work is an ongoing narrative chronicling the cycle of
decay and renewal of the modern city.

In the last few years I have begun to depict more of the great world cities and here you will find paintings of New York, Mexico City, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Capetown among others. This work owes much to the painters that inspire me, Jock McFadyen, Diego Rivera, LS Lowry, Edward Hopper, Edward Burra, Archibald Motley Junior, Stanley Spencer, William Hogarth, Caravaggio, Breughl, and Pireo dela Francesca."

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Ed Gray
September 2010
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